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August 30, 2016

The lifesaving World Championships - rescue 2016

dryrobe® are proud kit suppliers to Team GB and Team USA  (USLA National Team) when they attend the lifesaving World Championships which will take place from the 1st to 18th September 2016 in the city of Eindhoven and Noordwijk, in the Netherlands.

We also know that many other competitors from around the globe will be packing dryrobes for this event.

The dryrobe has become a very popular and almost essential piece of kit for the surf lifesaving community since they started being used back in 2011.

We attend many surf lifesaving events & they don’t get any bigger than this.

The lifesaving World Championships - rescue 2016, Ocean & pool competitions are on the programme for National Teams, Inter-club Teams, Masters, Surfboat teams and IRB Teams.

The competition will be fierce between the competitors when competing at a national level. We are so proud to be involved, providing kit to keep competitors warm between heats and after events.


dryrobe supply Team GB surf lifesaving national team

The International Lifesaving Federation (ILS) is the world authority in the global effort to prevent drowning and works with national lifesaving organisations to improve drowning prevention, water safety, water rescue, lifesaving, lifeguarding and lifesaving sport. ILS is a non-profit, non-political, non-religious, worldwide lifesaving sport and humanitarian organisation.

The International Federation was established in 1910 and is now representing over 30 million lifesavers and lifeguards in over 130 countries. They all have one objective: the preservation of human life in the aquatic environment. Sports competitions are organised under the motto ‘fit to save a life’.

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July 24, 2016

The SPARTAN dryrobe®

We have teamed up with Spartan to produce a custom designed Spartan dryrobe. Here is a little info on the story so far..

There were only 100 of these custom Spartan dryrobes available on a Pre-Sale offer:  Buy a SPARTAN dryrobe® & get a FREE race pass for any 2016 UK Spartan race. Needless to say they didn't last long. The offer was open to all but SOLD OUT very quickly, in fact with only one email sent to SPARTAN email subscribers & we saw some great comments on social media where many discovered the offer.

SPARTAN dryrobe®

The interest in the SPARTAN dryrobe has been there for a while & when we met with the Spartan team in London earlier this year, we came back very excited to start work on the project.

The custom Spartan dryrobe has all the brilliant features of a regular dryrobe advance wi the addition of new external zip pockets, and the usual, large internal pocket and even a pocket for your MP3 player.

SPARTAN dryrobe sleeve detail

Spartan races began in the United States, and are now franchised to fourteen countries. There are three different types of race: the Sprint is 5km with 20+ obstacles; the Super is 13km+ with 25+ obstacles and usually a tougher terrain; the Beast is 20km+ with 30+ obstacles. There are also junior races for children under 14 which encourage teamwork and fun (as well as getting muddy).

Here are the remaining UK Spartan races for 2016: Peterborough, September 03-04 & Windsor, October 01-02

The new SPARTAN dryrobe® will be available to buy at the events & online very soon, but we are please to announce that SPARTAN have advised that, "due to the high demand", the offer has been opened again for the next 100 purchases”.

The first 100 were shipped a week earlier than estimated delivery date & this new offer has an ESTIMATED DELIVERY date 5th August 2016.

See this page for the offer SPARTAN dryrobe® + FREE SPARTAN UK race pass offer.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This offer only applies to purchases of the SPARTAN dryrobe®, (The product on this page).


June 20, 2016

Battlefrog College Championship - Summer 2016 on ESPN - dryrobe

BattleFrog College Championship - America’s best collegiate obstacle course racing teams battle for ultimate bragging rights on a course designed by US Navy SEALs.  West Point returns to defend their title in this fast-paced, bracket-style competition where it’s win or go home.  Hosted by Ron Pitts with Amelia Boone and Rachel Demita
We only have some preview pics but cant wait to see the series..
Battlefrog college Championships - dryrobe
Competitors feeling the cold. Ditch the foil folks & feel the dryrobe warmth!
Battlefrog college Championships - dryrobe sponsor
The popular BattleFrog College Championship will return for a second season on prime time on ESPN. The show will once again feature 16 of America’s top college obstacle course racing teams going head-to-head to capture the coveted Trident Cup and a grand prize scholarship.
We supplied our dryrobe products to Battlefrog and from what we hear, it was a good move having them there.
" the last day of filming was freezing and dryrobes are being worn by the athletes & spectators"
 We are very excited to see this series which will air, prime time on  ESPN June 30th at 8PM ET. Tune in to see the start BattleFrog College Championship season 2 
June 20, 2016

dryrobe trip to Baja

Barry Mottershead and his girlfriend decided to travel to Baja and tour the coastline in kayaks. 

They explored some beautiful stretches of coastline that were accessible only by boat, coming ashore in the evenings to camp. A friend supported them from land with a 4x4, but they were on their own for the most part - kayaking and surfing their way around some amazingly beautiful coastline. They packed some dryrobes to take along for the evening chill. 

Barry Mottershaw - Baja Mission #dryrobe

surf Baja trip - dryrobe

mission to Baja #dryrobeterritory

Baja evening chill with dryrobe

Baja trip #dryrobeterritory

Here's the video from their trip... be warned though; it will make you want to pack up and go.

Niebla from Peter Clyne - Outer Cells on Vimeo.

Barry was able to research his entire route using Google Earth.  These days it's hard to get truly away from civilisation, people seem to be everywhere - but with this trip Barry really managed it.

Washing plates in rock pools and hunting for firewood, far away from convenience stores and hotels. The photos are stunning and a far cry from the crowded line-ups we are all getting used to here.

Yep, it makes you want to get away.

kayak - surf - Baja - dryrobe



June 01, 2016

dryrobe sponsors Castle Triathlon Series

This year we are supporting the Castle Triathlon Series as an official sponsor. On Monday the 23rd of May we were at Castle Triathlon's Pop-Up City Triathlon in London. As well as sponsoring the changing area, we also had a stand selling dryrobes and really enjoyed the buzz of the city atmosphere.

Last weekend we were at the second event of the Castle Triathlon Series at Lough Cutra Castle in Galway, Ireland. Being a bank holiday weekend and also the first weekend of half term for a lot of the country the event was heaving with competitors and families alike.

dryrobe castle triathlon series

Lough Cutra is one of the most impressive and imposing castles in the Castle Triathlon series. The history of the estate can be traced back to 866AD, and the castle itself looks out over the 1,000 acre lake, which is the largest privately owned lake in Europe. The scenery at Lough Cutra is absolutely stunning and as much an experience as taking part in the race. 

A truly inspiring young man named Bailey Matthews with Cerebral Palsy was also in attendance at this event and completed his second Castle Series Triathlon. Use the hashtag #bemorebailey to follow his amazing story.


We have a full calendar of events this year, travelling all over the country to be at different races & events. It's always fun to be involved in these races as we get to meet the people we made and developed the dryrobe for. After Lough Cutra, Castle Triathlon moves on to Cholmondeley Castle in Cheshire on June 26th, then to the Festival of Endurance at Hever Castle on July 10th, Castle Howard on the weekend of July 23rd and 24th. Then there's a hop across the Channel to the Chateau de Chantilly in France at the end of August, and the season closes back at Hever Castle in September. 

As an official sponsor of Castle Triathlon Series, dryrobe is extremely proud and excited to be a part of these awesome events.

June 01, 2016

dryrobe and the Sedna Epic Expedition

Have you heard of the Sedna Epic Expedition? Seriously, "epic" is the right word for what these ladies are doing! Ten women are on an epic adventure between 2014 and 2018. This summer and next they will embark on an amazing, three-month journey, snorkelling through 3,000 kilometres of freezing Arctic seas. They will scout and document the impacts of global warming both on the ecosystem and on the aboriginal peoples' traditional ways of life. 

Team Sedna Dryrobe

The Northwest Passage has been previously explored by Vikings, as well as European, American and Canadian explorers. The "sea women" will be using state-of-the-art imaging technology to map the ocean floor; will they find long-sunk Viking ships? In 1834 Captain Sir John Franklin led an expedition through these waters which ended in disaster; their two ships, HMS Erebus and HMS Terror were beset by ice and sank, killing Franklin and his 128 men. Will the sea women find these ships?

Northwest Passage Dryrobe

This is not a treasure finding expedition though. Team Sedna are looking at the issue of disappearing sea ice, and their findings will be made into educational programmes. The plan is that the expedition should serve as a call to action for people all over the world; after all, everyone is affected by this. As well as this, as an all-women team they hope to inspire other women and girls to think "big" and to follow their dreams, now matter how crazy they seem.

Northwest Passage Dryrobe

The ten women will be supported by a team of accomplished advisers including photographers, Inuit leaders and educators, biologists, experts and explorers. Still, it'll be bitterly cold and extremely challenging. 

The women will face -2 degree water as well as changing sea ice conditions, icebergs, gale force winds, jellyfish, tusked walrus, polar bears, orcas and even Greenland sharks. We can't do much against jellyfish and sharks, but we think below-freezing water and gale force winds are just the sort of thing the dryrobe was developed for, and we're really proud to have provided the team with dryrobes for this expedition.

What we love about this expedition is that the organisers advertised for participants using a similar ad to the one Sir Ernest Shackleton famously placed in a London newspaper in 1914. Founder and leader Susan R Eaton posted an ad that said: 

Women wanted for hazardous journey, small wages, bitter cold, long months of complete sunlight, constant danger, safe return hopeful, honor and recognition in case of success.

Who would be bonkers enough to answer an ad like that? Well, actually ten female ocean explorers aged between 26 and 56 answered. They are from Canada, the US, Mexico and New Zealand and will be attempting this snorkey relay of the Northwest Passage. Not only will this be a world record, they are genuinely going where no human has gone before. 


May 11, 2016

Nuclear Rush

This weekend 8,000 people will take on Nuclear Races multi-award winning event Nuclear Rush hosted at the famous "Secret Nuclear Bunker" in Kelvedon Hatch, Essex. With 50 obstacles to complete over 12km of varied challenging terrain the participants are in for a real test and that's just the standard race! This weekend features Nuclear Rush, Nuclear Onslaught and for the mad/brave there's the 48km Nuclear Oblivion. There is also Nuclear Rookies for children.

We are super excited to be there with the dryrobe tent supporting the event, it's gonna be an epic weekend! 

Dryrobe Nuclear Races

Nuclear were the first OCR company to order their own custom colour way and branded dryrobes. The distinctive black and yellow with the Nuclear Races logo and hashtag are now a familiar sight not just at Nuclear events but at OCR events worldwide. You really don't have to look too hard, they're everywhere! 


Nuclear races OCR dryrobe

Nuclear Races was created by farmer James Parrish, who was formerly an equal partner of Adventure Race Essex. He decided he wanted to take obstacle course racing to a new level and so Nuclear Races was born. Unlike other events, Nuclear own the land on which they hold the races so they have no limits on how they want to set their courses. The result is a course that's gritty, muddy, wet and challenging but also great fun! Check out the highlights video from last year:

Nuclear Rush is just one in a series of Nuclear events this year. In September there's Nuclear Blast and Nuclear Blackout, and in November there's Nuclear Fallout. So if you feel like a real challenge this year book one or all of these into your race diary! On their website there's an offer where you can buy one of the Nuclear custom branded dryrobes, and you get race entry for free!

#dryrobe #dryrobeterritory #nuclearraces #nuclearrush

May 10, 2016

Have You Seen Olivier Morin's Photos?

French photographer Olivier Morin had a brush with fame a couple of years ago when he took a truly iconic photo of Usain Bolt running with a bolt of lightning behind him. But here at dryrobe, he's known for some quite different photographs.

Olivier Morin Portrait Norway #dryrobe

We're really proud to have had Olivier take some amazing photos of dryrobes; his style and ability to capture a feeling fit exactly with our ethic. As well as this, he's also been posting some fantastic shots of surfers lately.  Check out his Instagram feed to see just how great his photos are and you'll understand why we're so chuffed to have him taking our photos.

Santa Sup Paddle Boarder #dryrobe

Triathlete Lake Jetty #dryrobe

Surfer Snow Norway #dryrobe

May 10, 2016

Award Winning dryrobe!

We're delighted to hear that dryrobe has been voted as a Silver accessory in the UK in the Running Awards. What makes this award so special to us is that it's been voted for by runners themselves.

Coldwater Product #dryrobe

dryrobe was set up by Gideon after his mother made him a sort of mobile change room from a combination of towelling and waterproof material, to allow him to change after surfing without freezing to death. The dryrobe itself has come a long way since that early-eighties present, but its purpose and our ethos are still the same.

Original Dryrobe #dryrobe

We're so delighted that runners have seen fit to vote us their second favourite accessory, out of all the varied running accessories available on the market. Thank you, voters of the 2016 Running Awards!

May 06, 2016

A simple walk in the woods

So it's not all about extreme sports. It's common knowledge spending time outside is all good but its easy to forget just how much of a difference having some quiet time outdoors can make to the way we feel.

We rarely talk to others about our feelings and it seems people have almost become afraid to spend time with their own thoughts, away from the constant distractions we make for ourselves.

Wistlandpound dog walk - dryrobe

When we spend time outdoors we become aware of being alive which can lead us to confront thoughts of our own mortality. The feelings and experiences, as we know them, will stop one day. Is this fear simply too frightening to spend time with?

The fear should be viewed for what it is. These are moments of clarity. They are precious. The fear shows us what we are afraid to lose & makes clear the things we appreciate.

We can feel and let go of this fear. After all no-one knows what follows these life experiences but we should embrace every opportunity to get closer to the clarity of thought that comes simply by spending time experiencing and listening to our own feelings and working out what they mean to us.

Extreme sports and putting your life on the line is one approach but the ability to confront fear, explore feelings and analyse thoughts are easily accessible to all.

Just a simple walk in the woods can be all it takes.


dog walk - dryrobe

out for a dog walk | dryrobe


Pictures taken at Wistlandpound. Close to Blackmoor gate, Exmoor National Park. It's a beautiful, tranquil and quiet area, surrounded by conifer plantations and has an established nature reserve. Located near Blackmoor Gate, North Devon, it is an ideal location for walking, angling and bird watching.

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#dryrobeterritory photos by Dave Keightley -