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Red Bull Neptune Steps - official partner - dryrobe

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Red Bull #neptune steps has built a fearsome reputation from the first event last year. dryrobe provided all 100 competitors with a custom event dryrobe thanks to Red Bull. They were needed. It proved to be seriously cold. This year there were 200 competitors. We supplied the winners with the dryrobe advance as prizes this year & the air temperature was kinder but that water is cold!

The unique format open-water swimming race is an adventure race / obstacle course race which involve swimming through 420 metres of cold water, with 8 canal lock gates to climb along the way.

MArk Dean Winner Red Bull dryrobe

Well done to the winners! And What an achievement by Mark Deans (last years champion) winning this year again!! Awesome!

Red Bull Neptune steps podium Women | dryrobe

Podium: Women - Red BullUK ‪#‎NeptuneSteps‬ 200 athletes, 420 metres of cold water, 8 canal lock gates. ‪#‎dryrobe‬ #‎dryrobeterritory‬ 1st: Shannon Botham (08.08) 2nd: Helen Smith (08.29) 3rd: Cliona Ferguson (08.52) Photo: @Redbulluk

Red Bull dryrobe winners men neptune steps

Podium: Men - Red Bull UK ‪#‎NeptuneSteps‬ . ‪#‎dryrobe‬ Proud to be an official partner for the second year! 1st: Mark Deans (05.47) - winner for the second year - undefeated champ. 2nd: Mark Austin (06.04) 3rd: James Walton (06.17) Photos: Red Bull UK

Great Event - but would you expect anything else from RedBull. Epic!

Winners RedBull event dryrobe

Video & photos - courtesy of Red Bull UK