Chasing orcas in Norway

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Chasing orcas in Norway

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French photographer Olivier Morin is no stranger to adventure. His expeditions have taken him taken him all over the world capturing sports stars, current events and stunning scenery.

Olivier’s latest trip saw him head to the arctic circle to photograph, and swim with, orca whales as part of a story about the changing of habits of orcas due to global warming.

Olivier Morin photographing orca whales in the arctic

In order to capture the perfect shot of these stunning animals, Olivier and his colleagues spent 6 days out at sea with Orca Norway on the Sula, travelling the fjords and coastline between Tromso and North Cape.

Olivier Morin photographing orca whales in Norway

In this location (approximately 70° North) and at this time of year there are just 2 hours of daylight each day, meaning that it was vital to get the timing right when searching for the orcas.

Filming orca whales in Norway

The winter weather conditions were also challenging. With air temperature varying between -6°C and -10°C and the water temperature at 3°C the team’s dryrobes were an essential bit of kit. Ideal for protecting the crew from the elements on the boat and keeping the divers warm once they were out of the water.

Diver in dryrobe after filming orca whales

The expedition proved a huge success and the team were able to not only get some great images of the whales from the boat but got in the water to capture amazing footage of the orcas.

Make sure you keep an eye on Olivier’s social channels for the full story which will be coming out soon: