#dryrobeterritory - OCR Season Kicks Off

Blog - #dryrobeterritory - OCR Season Kicks Off

#dryrobeterritory - OCR Season Kicks Off

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A massive weekend of action - with a lot of you getting out there and getting muddy! The OCR season may have started properly a little while back but this weekend it seriously kicked off in style. Reports are flying in of a stacked international field in the elite division at Spartan, plenty of people qualifying for OCR World Champs plus we hear it was one of the muddiest editions of The Wolf Run ever!

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Thank you to everyone for sharing so many awesome pictures on social media - we've found a few of our favourites to share, check them out and enjoy! For your chance to feature please remember you can tag us @dryrobe or use the hashtags #dryrobe or #dryrobeterritory.

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 "Wouldn’t be a @spartanraceuk without @dryrobe , got to thank you guys for always offering the BEST kit for these rainy / muddy races!!!!!! 💪🏼🙌🏼🇬🇧 #spartan #dryrobeterritory #dryrobe📷 @jadeskillenfitness

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"Love my new @the_wolf_run @dryrobe It was perfect today after the race. 1 done 3 to go to be an Alpha Wolf 🐺" 📷 @fatgirl2tonedgirl

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"We’ve had a great weekend at Spartan. Thank you for all your encouragement, messages and support on the course. We would like to @spartankidsuk for inviting us to work with the kids event which was awesome, to our Sponsors @dryrobe for making sure we’re kept nice and warm before & after the race, to @oxygen_freejumpingfor their full support and helping with our core training, to @clifflakesocr for getting us prepared for races such as these. We look forward to seeing you all at the next OCR and of course at @spartanraceuk , its now time for us to rest and train hard" 📷 @theocrgirls

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"An early Sunday morning here at @spartan@spartanraceuk 
I'll be running later on however volunteering this morning! 
I hope everyone has a great Sunday! " 📷 @jamieganethrower

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"JAAAAA!!!! 🤩 My third OCR race and my first Spartan race ever!!! What A RACE!!!!! 🌟💥🌟 AND....I GOT 3rd PLACE in my agegroup which means that i’ve qualified to the OCR world championships and got the privilege to share the podium with @lindapilerud and @johannadermer 😍🤩🇸🇪!!!!!! However....i am now the master of burpees 😂☠️ " 📷 @heleneohlsson

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"Awesome day at the first @spartanraceuk UK of the year. A brutal challenging course with some fantastic running sections and a great placement of obstacles. Great to have my @dryrobeat the finish to warm me up again. #dryrobeterritory #spartanrace #aroo📷 @run_lumpy_run

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"OCR season has finally kicked off with a Spartan Weekender #spartanrace #spartan📷 @ocrwrongens

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"Not my fastest, but QUALIFIED for #ocrwc at the #spartansuper this morning. Lots of hills, took it easy as I’m still in my head about that ankle, but 6th in AG which would have been better had I not slipped on z wall with ropes and the damned #spearthrow! Weather was amazing. Now to #sprint tomorrow. Well done on the course Spartan!" 📷 @livewire_adventures

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"Big thanks to @dryrobe this @spartanraceuk weekend. Perfect bit of kit for keeping me warm inbetween races also the best way to get out of my muddy race gear before the long drive home! 👏👏👏 "The original and best!!"
#dryrobeterritory📷 @spartan_scotty