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Max Woosey - The Boy in the Tent

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For nearly a year, 11-year-old Max Woosey has slept out in his tent, raising an incredible £150,000 so far for North Devon Hospice! On Saturday 27th March he’s inviting children across the world to join him for Max’s Big Camp Out.

Max, who lives just around the corner from dryrobe® HQ in Braunton, was inspired to sleep out every night in a tent given to him by his neighbour and friend Rick, who sadly died from cancer in February last year. Rick told Max ‘Promise me you'll have an adventure in here’.

North Devon Hospice cared for Rick in his final days, so when Max heard that their fundraising events for 2020 had been cancelled he decided to camp out in the tent to help raise money for them.

"They helped my friends Rick and Sue who unfortunately passed away, but they don't just help the people who are ill they help the family and friends get through it as well.

"Rick gave me a tent and said he wanted me to have an adventure, and that's what I'm doing.”

Since starting his adventure last year it hasn’t been easy. Max has had to contend with torrential rain, mud, thick ice, local wildlife and even red ants! The original tent that Rick gave him is lost its waterproofing, and he’s been through several others throughout the year.

Max Woosey standing by his tent wearing a red dryrobe

To mark one year of Max’s epic challenge, on Saturday 27th March children across the world are invited to join Max’s Big Camp Out.

It could be camping outdoors if you have a garden, or indoors in a home-built den, with cushions, blankets etc. The idea is for children to help raise money for the charity of their choice. 

To find out how you can get involved in Max’s Big Camp Out head to

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