Shaped by Nature: Arkonik x dryrobe - Ben, Lukas and Lila Skinner

Blog - Shaped by Nature: Arkonik x dryrobe - Ben, Lukas and Lila Skinner

Shaped by Nature: Arkonik x dryrobe - Ben, Lukas and Lila Skinner

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In our latest collaboration, we teamed up with our friends at Arkonik - the world leader in restoring and customising Land Rover Defenders. We took dryrobe® ambassadors Ben and Lukas Skinner, plus daughter Lila, on a strike mission along the Cornish coast.

“Cornwall is such a beautiful place, especially on days like this, crispy cold, but no one around with perfect little waves. When they arise, we make sure to take full advantage. The best days are the ones spent in the surf with our kids… it doesn’t get any better!” - Ben Skinner

Ben Skinner, Lukas Skinner and Lila Skinner carrying their boards on the beach towards the sea, wearing dryrobes

dryrobe® ambassador Ben Skinner has carved a name for himself as one of the most respected and beloved longboarders in the world. With multiple British and European titles and regular top 10 finishes on the WSL Longboard Tour, ‘Skindog’ has rightly earned his reputation as one of Britain’s most successful surfers.

His passion for surfing extends beyond the water. Ben is not only the co-founder of Skindog Surfboards, where he shapes their extraordinary boards, but as a surf coach he’s enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge and experience with the next generation of shredders, including his exceptionally talented children…

Ben Skinner nose riding on a longboard

It's not an understatement to describe Lukas Skinner as one of the most exciting groms in the world! In 2022 he won the European Under 16s Boys shortboard title, and just last month he brought home the Ripcurl European U16s Boys Grom Search title! Lukas is currently preparing to take on the world’s best at the Grom Search Final next month.

Lukas Skinner carving on his surfboard

New to the scene but already making waves, 11-year-old Lila Skinner has some impressive titles under her belt, including winning the 2022 English U12 Girls title and just this weekend was crowned UK Ripcurl U14s Girls champion!

Lila and Lukas are part of Surfing England’s Junior Team, which dryrobe® is proud to be the headline sponsor of.

Lila Skinner floating on her surfboard and throwing a shaka to the camera

Since 2006 Arkonik has been restoring and customising Land Rover Defenders, bringing these iconic vehicles back to their former glory. Arkonik's mission is to not only restore the vehicles to their original condition, but to also equip them with features that enhance the driving experience.

They are passionate about helping people experience the thrill of exploring the outdoors, whether off-roading, camping, or simply taking a scenic drive. Through their restorations, Arkonik is committed to preserving the legacy of the Defender while enabling people to make unforgettable memories and discover new horizons.

Ben and Lukas Skinner unloading gear from their Arkonik Land Rover Defender

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Photos by Tom Young