Online safety with dryrobe®

As a brand, we want to protect dryrobe® customers and the wider community, and we are working hard in the background to tackle the harmful behaviour, and to discourage bullying and harassment within a specific Facebook group.

Bullying and Harassment are serious concerns, at dryrobe® we understand there is a bigger problem. We can help be part of the solution, helping to educate people, as well as providing support by spreading positivity, love and warmth.

Cyberbullies can’t see the reactions of their victims online, and studies have shown that they feel less remorse than if making these comments face-to-face. Taking photos of other people and their children, posting them online to encourage shaming and harassment for amusement, just isn’t cool, it’s also a breach of people’s privacy rights.

If you feel you have been targeted by any cyberbullies, there are actions you can and should take, to help highlight the need for change.

The Cyber Helpline offer some fantastic advice and have some important steps to follow which we have summarised below for your reference, however more helpful guidance and information is available on their website:

Document everything - Keep a copy of all instances of online harassment. This will be useful evidence for the police, or social media platforms if the harassment escalates. It also ensures you have a copy if the perpetrator deletes their posts/profile.

Report it to the police - The police take online harassment reports seriously. Report the abuse early to the police either directly, or through a report service such as

Remember it is not your fault - Due to various issues, some individuals spend time trying to cause distress to others online. It's not your fault. Speak to someone close to you about the situation and contact a specialist victim support charity if you want expert emotional support.

While there are some loose guidelines for dealing with perpetrators of online bullying, or harassment, each case is different. The Cyber helpline has lots of information on their site if you require further support.

While dryrobe products were designed with water sports and outdoors enthusiasts in mind, they have been adopted by many other users and we are proud of the appeal they have. There is an amazing community of dryrobe® users on Instagram and Facebook who are not only passionate about getting outdoors, but are incredibly supportive of each other.

We trust that common sense will prevail and Facebook will find ways to take action against any groups that cultivate negative and destructive behaviour. We urge everyone to be kind to one another.

If you have been affected by cyberbullying relating to the specific Facebook Group, please email with any screenshots, along with information of any times and dates of the harassment incident, we can then use this information to work with Facebook to ensure action is taken against any abusive perpetrators.