Touchline Sports

Touchline sports with dryrobe®

Keep warm while waiting to participate or getting changed in car parks or sports fields. Whether it's football, rugby, netball or any other team sport, a dryrobe® is probably the most useful kit addition you can have.

Staying warm pre and post game is essential to performance and recovery, especially when playing in the rain. Whether you’re participating in the match, or part of the support team as a coach or trainer, staying dry and being protected from the elements means there is more time to focus and preserve energy on what’s important - the game.

With the dryrobe® Advance, you don’t need to worry about overloading your sports bag with excess kit, like both a waterproof coat and a rugby towel - the dryrobe® Advance conveniently combines the two. Our waterproof and windproof outer shell and quick drying super-warm synthetic lambswool lining means that you remain dry and warm pre, during and post match.

Whether you're looking for the ultimate subs coat, rugby waterproof jacket or a weatherproof hockey robe, the dryrobe® Advance has you and your team covered. Give yourself and your team the edge and consider bringing the whole squad together with a co-branded change robe.