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PADI is committed to unifying divers around the globe who share a passion for adventure and love for the ocean.

We're proud to be partnering with PADI to produce a special edition dryrobe, perfect for divers all over the World.

A small selection of organisations we are proud to supply and work with.

The World's largest community of divers use dryrobe to stay warm whilst exploring our oceans.

The Outdoors Awaits.


We supply GoPro with co-branded dryrobes to look after their ambassadors and athletes.


We're proud to support the Wave Project in the incredible work they do changing young people's lives through surf therapy.

ÖTILLÖ - the founders of Swimrun - use dryrobe at their races across the World.


We supply Red Bull co-branded dryrobes for their epic events around the world.


We have worked with Surfing England as it has evolved over the years to provide the upcoming surfing talent with the best kit available.


Product reviews

My dryrobe gets used every day - it's the first thing I reach for when I go outside.

Dave Cornthwaite - Adventure and Founder of Say Yes More

dryrobe can be the difference between life and death. Essential Kit.  

Jonathon Albon - 2018 Sky Running World Champion

Essentially the beast of all change robes, designed to withstand devastatingly inclement winters in the UK and Ireland and beyond. 

The Inertia

A dryrobe is a must for those cold mid-winter changes and also rests between sessions.

Andrew Cotton - Pro Surfer
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