dryrap Hands Free Towel
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A revolutionary surf towel and all-sports change towel with a unique, tough and fully adjustable fastener. Changing is the one thing you will do twice as many times as you surf, swim or dive.

Now you can use both hands to free yourself from the clutches of the super-stretch wetsuit, or get your kit off and back on without over-exposing yourself.
The simple design works perfectly and differs from more bulky body drape / robe designs or standard beach towels, in that it is a towel specifically designed for fast, easy changing.
dryrap surf towel. Simple, safe & secure changing.
the dryrap is basically a 140cm wide towel (80cm long) with an elasticated waist band that, when no tension is applied, gathers to approx 120 cm length, which can obviously stretch to fit.
Due to the adjustable velcro closure, it will fit any size from very small to approx 46" waist. 

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