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Whilst dryobe Advance is a unisex garment, selecting gender may help you find the best size.


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The extra warmth provided by the dryrobe Advance Long Sleeve is ideal for anyone hanging around at events or spectating, whilst providing plenty of room to get changed in.

If you want to change as quickly as possible, a dryrobe Advance Short Sleeve will offer warm fast changing in any climate.

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dryrobes are robust and designed to go over wet clothes and whole outfits.
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Exclusive to order through the PADI website. 

Get dry, cover up and stay warm with dryrobe. You don't know how much you need a dryrobe until you own one.

If you find yourself hanging around at sporting events, waiting to participate or watching your kids, a dryrobe Advance Long Sleeve will keep you warm in any climate.

•  Leave it on over your clothing or wetsuit
•  Re-use multiple times without the dryrobe ever feeling wet or cold
•  Preserve your energy and core temperature with full protection from the elements
•  Our lining draws the water away from the skin into the pile of the fabric
•  Get dry instantly and the insulating fabrics make you feel unbelievably warm
•  The 2-way zips allow fast easy entry and exit. Operate from either inside or outside
•  Keep your hands warm in our super lined zip close exterior pockets
•  Store your essentials with multiple pockets inside and out
•  Safely store your valuable items sealed in the '2-way waterproof' zip chest pocket
•  At only 1.3kg It can be packed down small into a travel compression sack

You’ll use your dryrobe much more than you think, it will live in your car and be a lifesaver on many a cold morning or chilly evening. Whatever you are doing, from camping trips to elite level sporting activity, it's all #dryrobeterritory

    Exclusive to order through the PADI website. 

    dryrobe Advance is one tough bit of kit, it’s designed to stand the wear and tear of sporty and active lifestyles, cold conditions and any challenge you face. A compression travel bag is available for increased storage and portability.

    •  A completely waterproof and windproof outer shell fabric
    •  A tailored, fitted sleeve with velcro fasteners at the wrist
    •  Our super warm lining Synthetic Lambswool lining (51% Acrylic, 49% Polyester).
    •  The dryrobe full length 2-way reversible YKK® zip
    •  Minimal sealed seam construction
    •  Deep external fleece warm lined pockets
    •  A huge 'A4' size internal soft lined poacher pocket
    •  Internal zip entry phone, iPod, MP3 player or wallet pocket
    •  The inside chest pocket, 2-way waterproof design
    •  Super light construction - 1.3kg

    dryrobe is ideal for use out of the water. Be aware that falling into water while wearing a dryrobe would present a serious risk of drowning, even for the strongest of swimmers. We do not recommend or encourage you to use your dryrobe while on the water.

    Be aware of the dangers, educate yourself and your children to the risks with all sporting activities.

    Have fun, stay warm and play safe.

      Exclusive to order through the PADI website

        PADI dryrobe Long Sleeve

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        We are proud to have teamed up with the world's leading scuba diver training organisation to bring you this awesome limited edition PADI dryrobe. Available to order exclusively through the PADI website.  Long Sleeve and Short Sleeve options available.
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