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Dryrobe – deep water solo | Climb | Exeter UK

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Deep-water soloing (DWS), is a form of solo rock climbing, that relies solely upon the presence of water at the base of a climb to protect against injury from falling.

Sierra Blair-Coyle dryrobe - climb | deep water solo

Sierra Blair-Coyle

Deep water soloing was new to me but we were approached by the team at The Quay Climbing Centre who were putting together the UK’s first Deep water solo event #DWSExeter, to provide some Dryrobe warmth for the climbers when the end up in the water & help provide a fast, warm way for then to change between climbs.

We already provide water safety gear for many of the UK’s largest water based events so it was a perfect fit & sounded like fun.

It was an incredible experience & we were treated to some of the worlds best climbers going all out in an amazing show of skill & strength in front of some huge crowds.

As always meeting the people is the highlight for me. So pleased to meet the amazing Sierra Blair-Coyle check out the website of the 20 year old from Arizona.

Sierra Blair-Coyle topping out at DWS Exeter

Pictures: gazparryclimbing.com.

Neil Gresham one of the UK’s best known climbers, came to see me after I managed to track him down before he climbed & give him a quick demo of the dryrobe. After the event he cam over & wrote a quote in my book & said, “you can quote me on this.” – So this is what he wrote..

“Super impressed with the Dryrobe. I used at the DWS comp in Exeter today. With only 6 mins to get dry between each climb, the pressure was on. The Dryrobe kept me warm & helped me to go out & climb my best.” – Signed, Neil Gresham.

He added that he would use the dryrobe on every deep water solo climb from now on. It just doesn’t get any better than that.

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Deep Water Solo Exeter 2014 - a film by Dimension 2 from The Quay Climbing Centre on Vimeo.


It’s becoming something far more interesting than I ever could have thought. When I first used the Dryrobe I knew it made a big difference but didn’t stop to think of all the people & all the sports suffering the same discomfort changing outdoors. This really is just the start.