Team dryrobe®

We’re proud to work with a team of incredible individuals who inspire us with their ability to push the limits of what is possible.
Camilla Kemp

Since she first hit the waves, Camilla has had a natural affinity for surfing, competing in the sport for almost as long as she first began surfing. 

She first competed in the WSL Women’s Qualifying Series in 2012 and has been a friendly face in the WSL Women’s Challenger Series from 2021 to 2023. Bound for the Paris 2024 Olympics as the first female surfer from Germany to represent her nation at an Olympic Games, it’s truly an exciting time for Camilla.

Andrew Cotton

Ditching plumbing to pursue his dream of being a professional big wave surfer, ‘Cotty’ has ridden down the face of some of the most extreme waves recorded in the world. Alongside Garrett Mcnamara, he helped pioneer tow-in surfing in Nazaré, as well as starring in HBO’s hit documentary series, 100 Foot Wave.  

After working closely with him for over a decade, we’re stoked to be able to continue supporting Cotty as he pursues his goal of surfing the biggest waves out there.

 Collage featuring a close up of Andrew Cotton and him surfing a large wave
Bárbara Hernández Huerta

Her passion for cold water has seen Bárbara Hernández Huerta (AKA The Ice Mermaid) smash endurance swimming records across the globe. Bárbara was the first Latin American to be crowned a world champion ice swimmer and is the first Chilean woman to have swam the English Channel, Catalina Channel, The Strait of Gibraltar and to complete the triple crown of open water swimming.

In the most extreme swim of her career, Bárbara became the first person to swim more than 2.5km in Antarctic waters. We can’t wait to see what to what extreme challenge she takes on next.

Collage featuring a close up of Bárbara Hernández Huerta and underwater shot of her swimming in icy waters
Izzi Gomez

A true wave-riding phenomenon, Izzi Gomez already has 5 SUP Surf World Titles, a Pan-American Games Gold Medal and a WSL QS win under her belt. 

As well as riding and competing on her shortboard, Izzi has been chasing her childhood dream of surfing the biggest waves possible. In 2021 her epic ride at Jaws saw her nominated for Women's Ride Of The Year at the WSL Big Wave Awards.

 Collage featuring a close up of Izzi Gomez and her surfing a large wave at Jaws
Lukas Skinner

One of the hottest prospects in surfing, Lukas has been tearing it up in competitions across the world. 

This exciting grom has racked up some impressive titles over the past couple of years including being crowned European U16 Champion and winning the 2023 Rip Curl Gromsearch World Champion. His recent historic silver medal at the ISA World Junior Surfing Championships has helped to put English surfing on the map.

Longboard legend
Ben Skinner

With multiple British and European titles to his name, and regular top 10 finishes on the WSL Longboard Tour, ‘Skindog’ has rightly earned his reputation as one of Britain’s most successful surfers.

His passion for surfing extends beyond the water. Ben is not only the co-founder of Skindog Surfboards, where he shapes their extraordinary boards, but as a surf coach he’s enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge with the next generation of shredders, including his exceptionally talented children, fellow dryrobe® Ambassadors Lukas and Lila.

Collage featuring a close up of Ben Skinner and him surfing a longboard
Mini Cho

What began as a form of escape from a troubled childhood in South Africa and Mozambique, has developed into a new life and career for Mini. He is now the first and only professional surfer representing Mozambique on the world stage, competing on the WSL Men’s Qualifying Series.

Not only is his career impressive in the water, but he is also dedicated to representing and managing the organisation that helped to support his surfing as a teenager, Surfers Not Street Children. By the age of 20, he became the organisation’s Programs Director and Manager for Tofo Surf Club.

Collage featuring a close up of Mini Cho and him surfing a shortboard
Cal Major

A ocean advocate, veterinary surgeon and world-record-breaking stand up paddleboader, Cal is passionate about reconnecting people to the ocean, and protecting the wildlife and ecosystems within it. 

In 2018, Cal became the first person to SUP from Land’s End to John O’Groats to help raise awareness of the effect that plastic pollution is having on our coastline and waterways. Her other epic adventures include paddleboarding around Scotland and navigating the river Severn from source to sea. Through her charity, Seaful, Cal helps people to reconnect with the water, for their mental health benefits, and to nurture stewardship of our blue spaces.

Collage featuring a close up of Cal Major and her paddling a stand up paddle board
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