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Big Wave Dreams - Izzi Gomez

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Izzi Gomez is a true wave-riding phenomenon. At just 22, dryrobe® Ambassador Izzi already has 5 SUP Surf World Titles and a WSL QS win under her belt and is rapidly making a name for herself in the world of big wave surfing.

In our latest film, we catch up with Izzi in her adopted hometown of San Clemente, California.

Surfing was always a key part of Izzi's upbringing and a passion for the sport runs through her family. Her older brother, Giorgio is also a pro surfer and their grandparents own the oldest surf shop in Florida (West Coast Surf Shop), where Izzi was raised.

At 13 Izzi got into stand up paddleboarding, making an immediate impact, winning her first SUP Surfing World Tour event in 2013. She then went on to dominate the sport, winning 5 world titles between 2014 and 2019.

Izzy Gomez sitting down on the beach holding her surfboard whilst wearing a pink towel dryrobe

Izzi is now pursuing her original true love - surfing. As well as riding and competing on her shortboard, Izzi has also been chasing her childhood dream of surfing the biggest waves possible. In 2021 her epic ride at Jaws saw her nominated for Women's Ride Of The Year at the WSL Big Wave Awards.

Izzi Gomez surfing a huge wave at Jaws

“That's definitely the biggest wave I've ridden overall - paddling or towing.
So that was a really special day. It did not seem that big when I was riding it and I saw the pictures and I was just like 'Oh my God!'”

Izzi Gomez holding her surfboard in front of a tunnel leading to the beach, whilst wearing a camo dryrobe Advance

Going forward, Izzi doesn't want to be pegged down and has ambitions to win both shortboard and big wave titles, as well as pursuing her dreams of representing Columbia at the 2024 Olympics.

Izzi Gomez wearing a Camo Pink dryrobe Advance and sunglasses at the beach

“People always ask me 'What do you want to do? Do you want to shortboard or do you want to focus on big wave?'... and I'm like there's no reason why I can't do both. There's a time and a place for everything.”

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Film by Mikey Corker