How do you use your dryrobe? #mydryrobe

Blog - How do you use your dryrobe? #mydryrobe

How do you use your dryrobe? #mydryrobe

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We're launching an exciting new campaign very soon and we need YOU! We'd like to hear from our amazing community about how you use your dryrobe - whatever your sport or activity - we want to hear how your dryrobe makes what you like to do, even better.

Our awesome community has got dryrobe to where it is today - we started off in the beach car parks of North Devon keeping surfers warm while they got changed, but now we hear incredible stories every day from all over the world of all the different ways that dryrobe is used. Obstacle course racing, triathlons, swims, runs, riding, diving - the list just keeps on growing.


Here at dryrobe HQ we love to read all of your stories and hear about the incredible things that you do. We decided that we couldn't keep these stories to ourselves - they need to be shared. We're going to create a series of short films focussing on real people and their real lives and this is where you come in - send us your stories, we want to make you the stars!


There's a number of ways to get in touch:

  • Send us a comment or a DM on the dryrobe Facebook
  • Post your stories on Instagram with the hashtag #mydryrobe
  • Tweet us @dryrobe with the hashtag #mydryrobe

Watch this space and remember - it could be you that we come to make a video about. We can't wait to hear from you!