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Ian Crane - dryrobe® Ambassador

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We are excited to announce that US professional surfer and Red Bull Airborne champion, Ian Crane has joined dryrobe® as an ambassador!
Ian Crane carrying his surf board at Red Bull Airbourne in 2019. Photo courtesy of Ryan Miller / Red Bull Content Pool

(Photo courtesy of Ryan Miller / Red Bull Content Pool)

Growing up in the surf hub of San Clemente amongst a local line up of surfing legends, surfing was one of Ian’s biggest passions - his other greatest love being basketball!

Choosing to pursue surfing professionally, Ian has gone on to surf competitively in contests across the world, winning Red Bull Airborne in Hossegor in 2019 and competing on the WSL for over a decade. He has also competed on Surfing America, NSSA and represented the United States in the ISA games two times.

Ian Crane standing on a beach next to the Sea in a Camo dryrobe Advance

We were keen to talk to Ian about his incredible surfing career, his epic travels and the latest release of 'Reckless Isolation' - a film following the surf adventures of Ian and his friends to Indonesia during the pandemic.

What was it like growing up in San Clemente and how did you get into surfing?
Growing up in San Clemente was amazing! It's a small beach town that's completely focused on the beach and surfing. Everything is close by and accessible by bike, which allowed me to have a lot of freedom to surf as much as possible as a child.

Who were your surfing inspirations as a grom?
When I was a young grom, my surfing inspiration came from all the top pro surfers from San Clemente that I would see and surf with. Guys like Chris Ward, the Gaudaskas brothers and Nate Yeomans would be in the water right next to me while surfing my local spots. When the pro tour came to town every September, I'd get to surf with competitors like Taj Burrows, Andy Irons and others. They were always willing to help out and give me pointers!

Ian Crane Surfing at Red Bull Airbourne 2019. Photo courtesy of Ryan Miller / Red Bull Content Pool

(Photo courtesy of Ryan Miller / Red Bull Content Pool)

What’s the best thing about being a professional surfer?
The best thing for me about being a pro surfer is getting to travel and see the world. I get to experience different cultures, surf amazing waves and most of all make new friends along the way.

What was it like winning Red Bull Airborne Hossegor in 2019?
Winning Red Bull Airborne in Hossegor was insane! I'd never won an event that big before, so it was a tremendous confidence boost for me. The best part was being chaired up the beach by my friends, through a massive crowd of people on the beach. The sunset was beautiful, the energy from the crowd was crazy and it was a moment in my life I'll never forget.

Ian Crane winning Red Bull Airbourne in Hossegor 2019. Photo courtesy of Ryan Miller / Red Bull Content Pool

(Photo courtesy of Ryan Miller / Red Bull Content Pool)

Is there anything you have to do differently to train for aerial surf competitions compared to other surf comps?
There's not much difference in training for an air show vs. a normal contest. When I go out to specifically do airs, I try to warm up a little more before trying to land something big.

You’ve recently released a new film documenting a surf trip of a lifetime called 'Reckless Isolation'. What were the standout spots during filming and why?
The movie "Reckless Isolation" is about how we were able to get into Indonesia during the 2020 COVID lockdown and essentially surf empty, perfect waves the entire trip. My best friends and I found a visa "loophole" and managed to get into Indo when no one else could.

We scored amazing waves, surfing spots like Lances Left, Macaroni's and Greenbush with little or no people out. Kilohertz Andino produced the film with Jacob Vanderwork and it turned out amazing! We did a two week showing of the film on the east coast and that was a great time. The crowd reaction to the movie night after night was crazy.

Is there anything you miss about home when you’re travelling during comps or filming?
I rarely get homesick while traveling for contests or filming projects. I love being on the road and experiencing things that happen along the way. Eventually after being gone for a long time I do find myself missing my friends and family, but after a week or two back home I'm already itching to get back out on the road. My life is about travelling and surfing amazing waves and I know I'm extremely lucky to be able to do it for a living.

When you’re not in the water, what do you get up to?
When I'm not in the water surfing, I enjoy spending time with my friends and family. I'm into spray painting new boards, messing around with art projects that I've started and generally just trying to relax and not think of surfing. I enjoy reading a lot and I'm always looking for cool books to purchase for my next surf trip.

Ian Crane Surfing at Red Bull Airbourne 2019.

(Photo courtesy of Ryan Miller / Red Bull Content Pool)

What are you most looking forward to coming up in the next year?
Next year I'm really looking forward to traveling on more surf trips to new locations. I'll be making several new movies and video projects, so that will take up a lot of my time. I'm also excited for the new Stab High air shows, hopefully some WSL contests and whatever comes my way in 2022!!!


Ian Crane wearing a camo dryrobe Advance

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