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Izzi Gomez - dryrobe® Ambassador

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We are stoked to announce that five-time SUP-surfing world champion and big wave surfer, Izzi Gomez has joined dryrobe® as an ambassador!

Izzi Gomez on the beach holding her surfboard wearing a camo dryrobe Advance

Growing up in Florida, surfing was always a key part of Izzi's upbringing and by the age of 21, Izzi has earned an incredible amount of achievements in the water. A fearless surfer and powerful SUP rider, Izzi is a phenomenon when it comes to watersports.

Sweeping the world SUP titles, Izzi has more recently transitioned her water skills, strength and experience back to her initial love of surfing, working hard to make a statement in the world of big wave riding.

With so many inspiring achievements in her career already, we were excited to talk to Izzi about family life in Florida, her love for all things water and how her training has progressed now that big wave surfing is a part of her life!

Izzi Gomez holding her surfboard and wearing a dryrobe® Towel Robe

You have grown up with a really sporty family, your mum was a surfer, your grandparents owned a surf store and your dad was a tennis player. What were your surfing inspirations growing up and why did you pursue surfing professionally over other sports?
My upbringing was so fun haha! I feel like my family really gave me the freedom to explore my options and decide what I was most passionate about. I chose surfing because a huge part of it has to do with your connection to the ocean and Mother Nature. Plus, I felt like it has been such a huge part of my family history and I love how it brings everyone together.

You have five SUP-surfing world champion titles which is amazing! What made you decide to go back to surfing after achieving these incredible titles and how do you think SUP-surfing has benefited your surfing overall?
SUP-surfing will always be a huge part of my journey. I decided to go back to surfing because it was my first love and I felt like I never gave myself a chance to chase that dream. I love both sports but I had dedicated so much of my life to SUP already that I needed a new challenge. SUP really made me a stronger, smarter athlete and competitor, I will be forever grateful for that!

Izzi Gomez Surfing. Photo by Elise Crigar

(Photo by Elise Crigar)

What inspired you to get into big wave surfing and how did you make the initial transition into the sport?
Honestly, I always loved the idea of surfing big waves ever since I was a kid so I feel like I was destined to become a big wave surfer haha. I think my main inspiration once I started getting my feet wet in big wave surfing was the community. I had to work really hard but I was very fortunate to have some of the greats in the sport be in my corner to help me. I can’t really say there was an initial transition because I dedicated a lot of time behind the scenes throughout the past few years to get here.

How has your training changed now that big wave surfing is part of your life and are there any challenges with it?
My training has definitely changed. I’ve really tried to step up my cardio and muscle endurance but the biggest thing for me has been the mental training and breath work.

We have to ask, what is the biggest wave you have caught to date and what is the biggest wave you are hoping to surf?
I’d say the biggest wave I’ve surfed to date would be 30-35 ft face. I haven’t really thought about the biggest wave I want to surf, but what I’m looking to do is just be more consistent and comfortable with my performance.

You have travelled all over the world. Where have been your favourite spots and what did you love about them?
I’ve spent so much time in Hawaii and it's still one of my favourite places. I still haven’t surfed anywhere that has as much power as Hawaii. Another one of my favourite places is Indonesia. There are thousands of waves there and a lot of the islands are just a short flight or boat ride away.

Izzi Gomez surfing.  Photo by Fred Pompermayer

(Photo by Fred Pompermayer)

Are there any places you haven’t been to yet, but you’re itching to go?
YES! I have really been wanting to go to Puerto Rico, Portugal and South Africa.

What exciting things have you got coming up next?
The thing I’m most excited about is my feature in the Red Bulletin that came out September 21st! Overall I’m just really excited for this winter season and I will hopefully get an opportunity to surf some new big wave spots!

Izzi Gomez holding her surfboard wearing a Towel dryrobe

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