Seaful and blue spaces - improving disconnect to protect

Blog - Seaful and blue spaces - improving disconnect to protect

Seaful and blue spaces - improving disconnect to protect

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Inspire, Educate, and Empower. This is the main mission of Seaful, an incredible UK charity that provides mindful experiences to connect people to blue spaces who may otherwise not have the chance to access them.

Seaful and the Ukranian community standing with SUP boards behind them

What is Seaful?

Founded in 2020 by SUP record breaker and dryrobe® Ambassador Cal Major and Blue Health Coach Practitioner Lorna Evans with the support of Ocean Ambassadors, Seaful aims to improve the disconnect between humans and our natural world. By sharing positive experiences with the ocean and waterways through educational and water-based activities, the charity wants to help people develop a personal connection with the ocean and experience the many mental and physical benefits that enhance our overall wellbeing. In turn, Seaful hopes these sessions encourage people to care for our blue planet and ignite a passion for protecting our waterways and the ocean.

Seaful co founders Cal and Lorna

With one in five children in the UK having never visited the sea, we love that Seaful wants to change that by offering both children and adults immersive, Seaful experiences.

Without these trips, the beneficiaries will not have the chance to experience the transformative power of the ocean, something that many of us who are fortunate to have experienced it may take for granted. Seaful hopes to spread a sense of empowerment through these sessions, helping people to be more mindful of the sea and encouraging beneficiaries to become ocean advocates in their communities.

People smiling and wearing life jackets for SUPing

Here at dryrobe®, we aim to improve the experience of an active outdoor lifestyle for everyone, and we’re proud to support Seaful’s dedication to helping more people experience the joys of the sea through the dryrobe® Warmth Project

How Seaful helps build connections between people and blue spaces

Seaful works with diverse groups of people, ages, and backgrounds across the UK, including school students and refugee communities. Through the Vitamin Sea Project, the charity organises and manages trips to various coastal locations and blue spaces, including the Isle of Arran, Lundy Island, and Chelmarsh Reservoir.

As well as supporting people to physically visit blues spaces, Seaful also educates and empowers beneficiaries to learn more about the ocean and its wildlife through the Vitamin Sea TV and Ocean Citizens resources. Vitamin Sea TV is a selection of inspiring films that explore the importance of our oceans and waterways and motivate viewers to protect them and the ecosystems that inhabit them. They can be found on YouTube, but the charity also encourages school and event screenings, including bespoke events with Q&As and talks from Cal and the charity’s ambassadors.

Two people in dryrobes laughing

2023 highlights

2023 has been an epic year for Seaful. Here are just a couple of the best bits.

People stood with paddle boards

Ukrainian community summer sessions

For 2 years, Seaful has run SUP sessions with the Ukrainian community of North Devon.

The sessions were a safe space to introduce the community to their local waterways. It was also an important opportunity for them to participate in a relaxing activity in support of their overall well-being, providing a form of escape for them to take their minds off their worries.

People paddleboarding on a river

Over the last couple of years, Seaful has taken the time to know the community, helped them to develop their confidence on the water, and witnessed their connection to blue spaces blossom.

Their time together was celebrated on World Mental Health Day when Seaful ran their final SUP session of the season.

People paddleboarding on a river

One of the participants who attended the summer sessions beautifully summed up their experience:

‘I am so thankful for this experience of learning how to SUP, it makes me feel like I can do anything. Thank you for bringing Ukrianians together at the same time out so we can chat chat chat!’

Trip to the South Arran Marine Protected Area

Trip to the South Arran Marine Protected Area

Another epic Vitamin Sea Project event was snorkelling in the South Arran Marine Protected Area with a group from Greenfaulds School in Cumbernauld. This session was made possible through the support of COAST, who helped facilitate the day by providing volunteer snorkel instructors and access to the COAST resource centre as a learning space for the group.

Trip to the South Arran Marine Protected Area

The students had never snorkelled in Scotland before, with some feeling nervous about the experience. Apprehension soon turned into intrigue when they witnessed the beautiful wildlife under the water, pushing them out of their comfort zones and educating them about our incredible underwater ecosystems.

The conditions were very cold so we were glad to see our donated dryrobes put to fantastic use to help the students stay warm all afternoon after they got changed.

2023 is a year for Seaful to celebrate and we can’t wait to see what 2024 brings!

People posing with paddle boards

Want to get involved?

Would you like to see Seaful continue their amazing work? To donate to help Seaful run their projects with disadvantaged communities, please visit

Seaful with a group of people wearing dryrobes and laughing

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