Andrew Cotton

One of the world's most well known big wave surfers - Cotty has been a part of the dryrobe family for as long as we can remember. Based in dryrobe's home of North Devon, his big wave surfing career is pretty special - XXL Wave nominations, world record involvements and pioneering some of the most infamous big wave spots out there.

We’re excited to continue working closely with Cotty as he continues to pursue his goal of surfing the world's biggest waves.

The latest from Andrew Cotton

As ‘the holy grail’ of big wave surfing, Nazaré in Portugal attracts a community of intrepid surfers from across the world that dedicate their lives to riding it. One of these big wave riders is dryrobe® Ambassador and star of HBO's 100 Foot Wave, Andrew Cotton.

In our latest film, 'Cotty' talks about what motivates him to keep chasing these colossal waves and why quitting isn't an option.