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“Sitting out the back, waiting for the next set, it’s impossible not to be impressed by the creation around us.”

Some pretty wise words there from the guys at Christian Surfers UK, a dedicated crew of surfers if ever we met one. Dryrobe jumped at the chance of teaming up with the charity CSUK recently to create a stash of personalised CSUK robes, and we are all pretty pleased with how they’ve turned out.

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The CSUK dryrobe Advance

The idea first began to emerge after national director Phil Williams noticed our Dryrobe Advance whilst assisting at the UK Pro Surf tour event in Thurso (Scotland) and Tynemouth (North East England) during late October in 2013. One of the aims for Christian Surfers is to continually look for ways of serving the surf community, and the organisation are present at virtually all of the big surfing competitions throughout the year. By teaming with Dryrobe, CSUK hope to provide a fantastic solution to help out at competitions around the UK through the winter months.

Shortly after the event Phil began to chat to Gideon, about the possibility of getting six Dryrobe Advance’s logoed up, which would be available to lend out at competitions to judges, officials and beach marshals. This of course is in addition to personal use for the three volunteer staff Dave Renyard, Johnny Hillman and Phil Williams. Since receiving their Dryrobes they have created big interest wherever they have gone, at coastal locations, whilst surfing the Severn bore, and indeed inland locations during this atrocious weather.


Director Phil Williams has been really pleased with CSUK’s Dryrobe’s so far and said “The robes are of excellent quality and have transformed the way that we get changed, but more importantly we are looking forward to lending them out as the contest season begins.”

Up here in North Devon, the CSUK’s Jesus Surf Classic is the surf event of the year, as it’s held in Croyde. Every year the Christian Surfers pull out all the stops and put on a fantastic event, showcasing the best surfing that the UK has to offer. Last year Dryrobe riders Taz and Peony Knight took the titles for the men and womens juniors, whilst fellow Dryrobe team rider Stu Campbell took the open title for the second year in a row. Stu said “The CSUK Jesus Surf Classic is my favourite event of the year- The CSUK crew organise a fantastic event and they bring a lot of energy and enthusiasm to Croyde beach every year. At last years event it was stormy and muddy, but as usual everyone still had a smile on their face, and it was an epic weekend. They have a great attitude in and out of the water that I think everyone can learn from.”

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We are really pleased to have had the chance to team up with Christian Surfers and look forward to seeing them nice and warm at surfing events in the future. This years Jesus Surf Classic will be held at Croyde on the 13th and 14th of September, and the equally as impressive Jesus Longboard Classic will be held in Polzeath on 11th-12th of October- so be sure to get to an event if you haven’t before, CSUK put on fantastic events… and they serve up a great bacon bap too.