RedBull #outrow. Rowing – dryrobe.

Blog - RedBull #outrow. Rowing – dryrobe.

RedBull #outrow. Rowing – dryrobe.

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Custom RedBull outrow dryrobe

Custom RedBull Outrow - Photo: Alexander Beer
Dryrobe Advance

From the RedBull  website

“On Tuesday 15th July at 10:58am, seven rowing teams from across the UK set off 3km west of Minsterworth in Gloucestershire, attempting to outrow the world renowned Severn Bore.

Oxford Brookes University eventually emerged victorious, reaching the 5km finish line around 40 seconds before the bore came crashing through. The crew won by four lengths from the Swiss team Seeclub Zurich closely followed in third place by the crew from UCL. UWE Boat Club were the final crew across the line, just beating the bore.”

So this is the story from our side..

There are a few brands, yes I can count them on one hand (with a couple of spare fingers), that we have wanted to work with from the moment dryrobe started diversifying into all outdoor sports.

RedBull is top of our list. They just do cool stuff with the best of the best.

We had just been to our first rowing regatta (Wallingford) & like I said in the previous blog, we had some very interesting chats with coaches & rowers alike. Dryrobe was a product that was going to be very useful to the rowers.

On the back of that first visit, we are in advanced negotiations, with a small network of people, working toward bringing dryrobe to the rowing scene & raising awareness of the performance benefits of the dryrobe #nevergetcold  philosophy.

Enter RedBull & #outrow. As soon as we were approached we knew it was something we wanted to be involved with. Can the best rowers outrow the Severn Bore? No idea, but I wanted to see them try.

We were asked to provide the competitors with the best kit available for the job. Dryrobes on all safety boats. It makes sense. If they end up in the water they’re going to be freezing. The plan is simple. Pull them out & wrap them up in the dryrobe. We already supply the countries leading lifesaving organisations with our products for exactly this purpose.

I went up there to see the event unfold. I was present at the safety briefings & I have to praise the approach of the organisation & safety crew. It was never going to be easy but thats not what its about, they made it happen & put the event on in full RedBull style.

Exciting times.

RedBull dryrobe

Red bull outrow – Oxford Brookes University Win.