Customise your dryrobe

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Customise your dryrobe

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Everything you need to know to get your dryrobe pimped

We like to keep things simple with standard logo placements, but you can achieve some unique and amazing looks by using your local branding or embroidery shop to personalise your dryrobe.

There are loads of ways to personalise your dryrobe to get it looking just the way you want, including adding patches. We would recommend using either custom embroidery and heat applied vinyl.

Custom embroidered Red Bull dryrobes


All dryrobes come with a well-concealed embroidery access zip inside. This is located on the inside seam under the arm.

A local embroiderer or branding specialist will easily be able to apply your existing team, school, club or company logo to the dryrobe, and can apply a film backing to ensure the waterproof properties are not compromised.

Custom embroidered GoPro dryrobe

Heat applied vinyl

This is ideal for bigger logos or placement on sleeves and hard to access areas - be sure to use a vinyl specifically suited to nylon.

This can look amazing! Have fun with it - just be sure to use #dryrobeterritory in your pics, please!

dryrobe customised with heat applied vinyl

If you have any questions about customising your dryrobe please get in touch with our customer services team who’ll be able to offer you further advice.