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It’s a great time of the year with many getting to spend time with their families and away from their usual routines. We have been seeing loads of pictures of people with their new dryrobe Christmas presents, spending time outside and of some very courageous people going for festive swims. We have picked out some of our favourite posts to share from Christmas & we will be looking out for the New Year Swim pics too :)

dryrobe Christmas Swim

“Can't believe how amazing this weather is! Perfect for a winter dip. So glad I have my @dryrobe for afterwards though!!’’ @sarahrowssolo

dryrobe friends

“Naomi and sarah with just some of our amazing supporters and fish friends!’’@ptaswimmers

cold water swimming dryrobe

I'm so lucky to have swim spots like this!! 20mins at 6 degrees! I enjoyed every min! Even if there was a bit of swearing at the start! And we convinced Tom to go skins!! @neh_90

dryrobe festive swim

“Tow floats, Dry Robes and a degree of trepidation at Cromhall Quarry this morning. Warmer than last weekend's 2.5 degree shocker though.” @sonjajefferson

Team bear dryrobe

“Merry Christmas everyone....Team Bear ran our Christmas run 2016. 8 km along the Beach, and a lovely swim in cold sea..” @Jess Eric Bjørn Friis

nuclear dryrobe christmas

”Our boy is officially a dryrobe wearer Merry Christmas one and all xxx” @Matt Price

dryrobe 2016 sunset

“Was meant to go climbing…” @ndisaac1

Christmas dryrobe present

“Best #christmasgift this year!” @anneglass

dryrobe dad

“Got dad a @dryrobe for Christmas! Looks like he's one of the cool kids now! Perfect for all the outdoor activities he likes to do” @beast_m0de_activate

santa gets it right - dryrobe

“Looks like Santa got it right” @amandajayne30

happy Christmas dryrobe

“Best present ever! Ready for winter surfs with my bubby” @staygold92

dryrobe Christmas presents

“When your Christmas gifts are perfectly themed to your passion. Bike stand and #dryrobe...black and pink, obviously!” @charlie_triathlon

international dryrobe

“ #크리스마스이브#커플사진 #임랑해수욕장#서핑 #dryrobe #서핑하고우리오빠지금앓아누움🤒 #메리크리스마스는집에서🎄ㅋㅋㅋ” @l.k.h_christina

sixty plus dryrobe

“If you don't already know this lady, she is seriously awesome! One of many Alderney based authors. Check out her books on Amazon 'Work It Out in a Week' and 'Success at Sixty Plus'. She's also my favourite swimming buddy and the best cupcake baker! She has been a huge support as I prepare for my solo row around Britain, can't believe how lucky I am to have such great friends. Xxx” @sarahrowssolo

dryrobe christmas swims

@dryrobe #dryrobeterritory #christmaseve swim :) a cool 5.9degrees :) very enjoyable and fresh! A heron soaring above and a swan looking confused! A perfect river swim!” @neh_90

We spend a lot of time going through all of the posts we get tagged in, and it’s one of the highlights to see how much people enjoy using their dryrobes everyday. Please remember to tag us in your dryrobe uploads (#dryrobe) so we can keep seeing them and if you have a story you think is worth sharing please send it in via our facebook messenger or email eva@dryrobe.com