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Jacob's Story

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Its been incredible watching the performance of the Paralympic athletes at the Rio Olympics 2016. At dryrobe® we are all about making sports and pastimes more accessible for all, no matter what age, gender or physical and athletic ability. 

Here is an email we got, we thought we would share it with you.

Jacob is from Annapolis, Marlyand, USA., he lives with a mild form of cerebral palsey. His condition makes getting changed after a surf much more difficult, and he was looking for something to ease the struggle:

“I live in the US and was also looking for something which would dry the water off quickly. I was disappointed with products which looked like glorified coats but which weren't specifically manufactured with athletes and outdoor enthusiasts in mind. In my search efforts, I found www.dryrobeusa.com.

I was born with a mild form of cerebral palsy affecting the legs and balance and I use forearm crutches for long distances, but I still wanted this product. I don't let minor inconveniences weigh me down. I spoke with dryrobe’s USA Sales & Marketing Director at length clarifying my confusion and reassuring me, then I knew I had to have the robe. She was kind enough to get my order out ASAP so I could use it right away.

About the robe: the navy blue with gray lining was sent and it was very easy to put on and take off. Just as the instructions make clear simply slide the hands inside of the spacious robe and change clothes totally covered. I adjusted by tucking the back portion of the robe under my bottom sitting on it while I changed into my swim trunks. I was totally covered from the front, there was no fear of exposure. I know most of you will change back and forth the normal way, standing up, but even with this minor adjustment, I would highly recommend the dryrobe for recreational use, also. I plan on using my dryrobe at the beach soon. Thank you dryrobe USA for your help! It is much appreciated.” 

Jacob C., Annapolis, MD

Jacob dryrobe story


Great to hear that the dryrobe is being useful & really appreciate Jacob taking the time to tell us his story. 

If you have personal experience or know of anyone with a unique story, we would like to hear about it. you can send us an email or tag with #dryrobe