Keri-anne Payne - Open Water Swim Masterclass

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Keri-anne Payne - Open Water Swim Masterclass

2 minute(s) de lecture

“Open water swimming for me equals freedom. It has its joys, it has its beauties, and for me it's the freedom that I find so appealing about open water swimming.”

dryrobe® ambassador Keri-anne Payne had an incredible competitive swimming career, being crowned Open Water 10k world champion twice and bringing home a silver medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympic games. Her triumphs helped inspire a generation of swimmers to swap the pool for the thrill of the open water.

Keri-anne now passes on her passion for open water swimming through tutoring coaches. The coaching technique she’s developed with her husband, triple Olympian David Carry, is all about empowering the swimmer to do it for themselves.

Keri-anne Payne speaking to a group of swimmers before the coaching session

“Whether you like it or not you become a role model straight away. What we do as Olympians is about more than just winning and competing and racing - it's about inspiring others”

Keri-anne Payne coaching a group of swimmers in a pool

We caught up with Keri-anne back in October as she led an open water masterclass coaching session at the Jubilee Pool, Penzance. Helping dryrobe® ambassadors Sophie Hellyer and Lucy Campbell, along with nutritional therapist Grace Kingswell and adventurer Anna Blackwell, take their swimming  and coaching to the next level.

Keri-anne Payne in water at the Jubilee Pool in Penzance

“It started out as me wanting to pass my passion for swimming on to other people and that led me then into what my current day job is - I am a tutor, I qualify coaches to coach the same way that we do.”

Keri-annne Payne, Lucy Campbell, Sophie Hellyer, Grace Kingswell and Anna Blackwell standing by the pool in their dryrobes

Find out more about Keri-anne’s coaching courses at Straight-Line Swimming.

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Photos by Evie Johnstone
Film by Mikey Corker

The session was photographed and filmed in October 2020, adhering to the current social distancing restrictions at that time.