Looking ahead to 2018

Blog - Looking ahead to 2018

Looking ahead to 2018

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It’s a pretty special time of the year - with many getting to spend time with their families and away from their usual routines. Long walks, festive swims and plenty of time outside are on the agenda. 

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A great time to look back over the year - we're incredibly grateful for what an amazing 2017 it's been - thank you to everyone that's been involved. All of our partners, our ambassadors, retailers, photographers, the list goes on but most importantly thank you to you - our amazing customers out there using your dryrobes. However you use yours, whether it's swimming, surfing, running, horse-riding, diving, wakeboarding, you get the idea, thank you for being a part of the dryrobe community in 2017.

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We're grateful for every photo you send in of what you get up to in your dryrobe and every awesome story you share, we love to see them in the office and we're looking forward to seeing even more in 2018.

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Here's to the year ahead, to time outside and plenty of adventures.