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Blog - #mydryrobe | Cliff Diving with Blake Aldridge

#mydryrobe | Cliff Diving with Blake Aldridge

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We recently caught up with dryrobe ambassador and Red Bull​ Cliff Diver Blake Aldridge​ while he was training in the UK at Adrenalin Quarry​ near Liskeard in Cornwall.

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Blake was there with top cliff divers Ellie Smart​ and 6 x world champion Gary Hunt​ so it was a perfect opportunity to catch up and watch these guys do what they do best.

It was an awesome location for the day - Adrenalin Quarry is the UK's first high diving training facility and aims to become an academy to train the next generation of high divers, as well as attracting international diving competitions in the future. The former quarry now features a 24m diving platform - allowing divers to train at competition height for the first time. Up until now, the closest thing was indoor platforms at 10m.

It was incredible to watch some of the best divers in the world do their thing - with the highlight being Blake, Ellie and Gary somersaulting together into the 24m deep water below on their final dive.

The UK has been a hotbed for diving talent for a long time now - Blake competed at the 2008 Beijing Olympics in high diving, while Gary is the 6 times World Champion on the Red Bull Cliff Diving Series. While not from the UK - Ellie has in fact recently moved from the USA to train here full time!

Whilst the sun was shining on our visit to the quarry, the divers were still keen to get warm quickly after their time in the water:

If we've just got out of the water after diving here or at events like we did in Ireland, being able to get straight into a dryrobe makes a serious difference, there's nothing like it! - Blake Aldridge

To keep track of the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series, head to http://cliffdiving.redbull.com/ 

Next up for the divers is Hell's Gate, Texas on September 3rd