OCR World Championships 2023 - Film, Photos and Race Report

Blog - OCR World Championships 2023 - Film, Photos and Race Report

OCR World Championships 2023 - Film, Photos and Race Report

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Earlier this month, the world’s best Obstacle Course Racers hit Mammoth Mountain in California, for the 9th edition of the OCR World Championships (OCRWC) and the action was as spectacular as the location!

Since 2014, OCRWC has been at the heart of the global OCR community, showcasing not only the very best in elite obstacle course racing, but also demonstrating the camaraderie of everyone involved with this unique sport.

Competitors waving national flags at OCRWC 2023

After two years in Stratton Mountain, Vermont, the event switched to the west coast of the US for the first time, taking place in Mammoth Lakes, California. One of the most popular ski resorts in North America, during the off-season packed slopes are replaced with mountain bikers and trail runners enjoying this stunning location. The spectacular views across the Sierra peaks come at a price though. At 9,000ft above sea level athletes would have to acclimatise to the altitude to perform at their best. 

A man running through trees with mountains in the background

We were stoked to be able to return to the event again, producing the official OCRWC changing robe, helping to keep athletes protected from the elements before and after racing.

Woman wearing a grey camo OCRWC dryrobe® Adavnce

The week before the event had seen Mammoth get its first snowfall of the season. The course was being marked out and obstacles were constructed in freezing conditions! By the time competitors arrived, the temperature had risen to an unseasonably warm 22ºC.

Man running with his shirt off followed by woman with a child on her shoulders

The racing kicked off on Friday with the 3k race. The women’s pro race saw an incredible battle between two multiple world champions: Lindsay Webster and Nicole Mericle. These two legends of the sport spent the race almost neck-and-neck, but going into the final sequence of obstacles Lindsay had a short lead over her friend and rival. As the finish line got nearer though Nicole was rapidly closing in on Lindsay. As they both descended the final A Frame obstacle, Nicole took the lead thanks to her speed getting down the netting, finishing just 3 seconds ahead and claiming another OCRWC World Title. Annie Dube, came in third for her first podium in this event.

Nicole Mericle, Lindsay Webster and Annie Dube standing on the OCRWC 2023 Podium holding their medals and cheques

In the Men’s pro race, American Rylan Schadegg took first place, coming home 16 seconds ahead of compatriot Ian Hosek, with Swiss racer Manuel Dufaux taking the final podium spot.

A shirtless man hanging from an obstacle with the sierra nevada mountains in the background

Across the rest of the field in various age group categories, competitors who had travelled from across the world were out on Mammoth Mountain taking on what many had described as the the most spectacular venue for an OCRWC course yet.

Two women competing on a rope obstacle with trees and a mountain in the background

One of the biggest challenges competitors face is keeping hold of their wristbands. If you can’t complete an obstacle you can still finish the course but your OCRWC wristband gets cut off. In order to keep hold of it many will keep persistent on an obstacle until they can complete it, or give up. This is one of the areas where the spirit of the OCR really shines. Other racers and spectators will offer encouragement and advice to those stuck on obstacles, even if they don't know them. It’s heartwarming to witness the OCR community spontaneously come together and support each other.

A OCR athlete in a spiderman costume taking a photo of people on an obstacle

Another way that the community comes together is through the OCR Gives Back organisation, run by Steve McCollum, which supports charities across the world helping to provide holistic and sustainable care to orphaned and vulnerable children. At the prize giving on Friday the top 3 fundraisers were rewarded on their own special podium.

The top fundraisers for OCR Gives Back stood on top of a podium at OCRWC 2023

Saturday saw the 15km, which many consider the main event of the competition. This long course featured over 40 obstacles, including the much-discussed dunk wall, and featured a brutal elevation gain of 2223ft. The uphills were worth it though as the breathtaking views across the mountains really set this race apart from previous events.

Man coming up from under a Spartan Dunk Wall at OCRWC 2023

In the men’s race, Candian OCR legend Ryan Atkins was first across the line to claim his first-ever 15km OCRWC gold adding to his illustrious list of achievements that include Spartan and Tough Mudder World Titles. Ian Hoesk came in a minute behind Ryan to pick up his second Silver medal of the event, and Danish racer Leon Kofoed came in third.

Ryan Atkins, Ian Hoesk and Leon Kofed stood at the finish of the 15k race at OCRWC wearing their medals

The start of the women’s pro race mirrored Friday’s 3k, with Lindsay Webster and Nicole Mericle going side-by-side through the first section of the course. As the race went on Lindsay pulled ahead to a commanding lead, eventually winning by an 11-minute margin. This victory meant that Lindsay and her husband Ryan would both be standing on top of the podium as 15k world champions.

Ryan Atkins and Lindsay Webster embracing after both winning their 15k Races at OCRWC

Nicole brought home second place and was welcomed across the line by good friend Lindsay, Annie Dube was close behind to claim her second bronze of the championships.

Nicole Mericle on an obstacle during the 15k race at OCRWC 2023

Sunday, the last day of the event, sees racers work together in teams in the relay championship and the finals of the 100m competition. The 6K Team Relay sees three racers take one of three legs each (speed, strength and technique) before taking on a final leg together and crossing the line as a team.

Three Realy team racers, wearing matching headbands, getting ready to run together at the OCRWC in Mammoth Lakes

In the Women’s event, Lindsay and Nicole teamed up with 15-year-old British girl Libbie Joyce competing as ‘They are Fierce’. On Friday Libbie came 2nd in her age group in 3K and was leading the 15K on Saturday, before fatigue hit and she was unable to complete an obstacle, which meant she couldn’t be placed. Libbie’s disappointment was soon put to one side though when she was asked to race with two of her heroes!

OCR Athlete Libbie Joyce wearing a United Kingdom Jersey and hanging from an obstacle

Libbie took on the first speed section, was quickest off the line against experienced racers and was 2nd going into the first transition zone. The experience of Lindsay and Nicole helped drive the team in the next two legs and the team crossed the line together nearly 13 mins ahead of closet rivals ‘Triple Threat’.

Nicole Mericle and Lindsay Webster hold team team mate Libbie Joyce at the finish line of OCRWC in Mammoth Mountain

In the men’s event, Ryan Atkins teamed up with friends and fellow 15k podium finishers, Ian Hosek and Leon Kofoed and took 1st place. Both Ian and Leon then went on to race in the Co-ed relay immediately after the men's race, with Ian’s ‘Team USA’, edging it over Leon’s, ‘’The Europeans’.

A man running through a lake in Mammoth Mountains at the OCR World Champs

Throughout Friday, Saturday and Sunday, heats for the 100m championships were taking place with competitors having two attempts to set their best time on the short obstacle-packed course. Sunday afternoon saw the fastest racers face off in one-on-one battles to claim the medals

Tiana ‘Sweet T’ Webberley on the start line of the OCR WC 100m finals

In the Men’s pro race Urii Prokudion, the European Ninja Warrior Champion, dominated the event and took home gold in convincing fashion. In the Women’s race, Signy Kolstoe won a close-fought battle against Tiana ‘Sweet T’ Webberley. Signy only decided that morning to qualify for the event, a decision that definitely paid off!

Two man racing in the finals of the 100m at OCRWC 2023

We’re still buzzing after an incredible few days in California, surrounded by breathtaking scenery and a community of incredible athletes. Our favourite event on the obstacle racing calendar continues to get better and better, bring on the 2024 OCR World Champs!

Mr. J'ean wearing an OCRWC dryrobe Advance whilst singing the national anthem at the start line


3K Pro Race Male
1. Rylan Schadegg (USA) - 19:13
2. Ian Hosek (USA) - 19:29
3. Manuel Dufaux (SWI) - 19:42

3K Pro Race Female
1. Nicole Mericle (USA) - 21:00
2. Lindsay Webster (CAN) - 21:03
3. Annie Dube (USA) - 23:33

15K Pro Race Male
1. Ryan Atkins (CAN) - 1:32:28
2. Ian Hosek (USA) - 1:33:26
3. Leon Kofoed (DAN) - 1:39:26

15K Pro Race Female
1. Lindsay Webster (CAN) -1:41:02
2. Nicole Mericle (USA) - 1:52:44
3. Annie Dube (USA) - 1:56:45

Team Relay Pro Race Male
1. Kings of Leon (Kofoed, Hosek, Atkins) - 44:35
2. Mexican American Team (Lin, Fragoso Garcia, Gates) - 47:43
3. WD Dream Team (Keaton, Brown, Ochoa) - 50:03

Team Relay Pro Race Female
1. They are Fierce (Webster, Mericle, Joyce) - 54:05
2. Triple Threat (Swofford, McClintic, Gollnick) - 1:06:51
3. Flatliners (Scher, Bridge, Meyers) - 1:12:08

Team Relay Pro Race Co-Ed
1. Team USA (Veerman, Heller, Hosek) - 45:10
2. The Europeans (Kofoed, Kolstone, Dufaux) - 46:21
3. Results Strong (Webberley, Phillips, Mendoza) - 59:31

Check out the full results here

Ryan Atkins, Ian Hosek and Leon Kofoed stood on the podium at OCRWC holding thier dryrobes

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