OCR World Championships 2019

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OCR World Championships 2019

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For the second year in a row the OCR World Championships returned to the awesome Nuclear Races site in Brentwood. The event was a classic example of obstacle course racing in the UK - there was lots of rain and plenty of mud!

OCRWC 2019 at Nuclear Races, Brentwood

Friday saw the fast and furious 3k race take place in really tough conditions. Days of rain leading up to the event meant it was exceptionally wet and muddy, making an already very technical course even more difficult. The mud essentially became another obstacle that the competitors would have to deal with!

Lindsay Webster OCRWC 2019 women's 3K race
In the men’s race, dryrobe ambassador Jon Albon continued his epic year of racing by dominating from the start to take home first place and retain his 3k crown. After the race, Jon said that these were some of the most technical obstacles he’s ever seen on a course.

Jon Albon OCRWC 3k Champion 2019

In the women’s 3k race, American racer Nicole Mericle followed up her recent triumph at the Spartan World Championships with a hard-fought victory that saw the lead change multiple times throughout the race, even over such a short distance.

Nicole Mericle OCRWC Women's 3K Champion

OCR World Championships 2019 3K Results:

Men’s 3K
  1. Jonathan Albon (UK)
  2. Thomas Van Tonder (SA)
  3. Sergei Perelygin (RUS)

Women’s 3K
  1. Nicole Mericle (USA)
  2. Ida Mathilde Steensgard (DEN)
  3. Rebecca Hammond (USA)

Podium finishers at the OCRWC 2019 3k Race

Saturday saw racers up bright and early for the 8 am start in the 15k race. Fresh rain overnight made the obstacles extra slippy. In the men’s event, Jon Albon had another rapid start and once again built up an early lead over his nearest rivals. 

Ryan Atkins chasing the lead in the men's 15k at the 2019 OCRWC

Jon led for the entire race and crushed the 70 obstacles along the way, but there was no room for error as Ryan Atkins was hot on his heels, pushing him close the whole race to come in second place.

Jon Albon - men's 15k OCRWC winner 2019

The women’s event was thrilling, with the lead changing hands multiple times throughout the race, with the tricky conditions taking out racers along the course. Coming into the final few kilometres, Danish runner Ida Mathilde Steensgard had built a lead and was looking strong, before getting stuck at Skitch, a brutal, technical obstacle which caused racers a lot of problems.

Ida Mathilde Steensgard - Women's 15k Race at the 2019 OCRWC

Karin Karlsson from Sweden used her experience and obstacle proficiency to keep her cool and take the lead, crushing the final obstacles to take the win. The new world champion couldn’t have been deserving - Karin has featured in the top 3 for years but this was her first victory - congratulations Karin!

Karin Karlsson at OCRWC 2019

OCR World Championships 2019 15k Results:

Men’s 15K

  1. Jonathan Albon (UK)
  2. Ryan Atkins (CAN)
  3. Thomas Buyle (BEL)
Jon Albon, Ryan Atkins and Thomas Buyle at the OCRWC 2019

Women’s 15K

  1. Karin Karlsson (SWE)
  2. Katja Christensen (DEN)
  3. Ida Mathilde Steensgaard (DEN)
Karin Karlsson Women's 15k world Champion - OCRWC 2019

This was another great event from the OCRWC - we loved seeing so many nations all come together and race their hearts out over a packed weekend of excellent courses.

Great support at OCRWC 2019 - Brentwood, UK

We were proud to have some amazing ambassadors at the event, taking victories and podium positions but also spending their time cheering, supporting and celebrating other racers. dryrobe ambassador Rea Kolbl had flown over to the UK as part of a series of events here, and while she didn’t race she spent the whole weekend supporting other athletes.

Rea Kolbl with a fan at OCRWC 2019

Rea also caught up with the amazing OCR Girls, who we are proud to support - giving them pre-race tips and advice. Awesome to see her inspiring the next generation.

Rea Kolbl with the OCR Girls at OCRWC 2019

We can’t wait till the next OCR World Champs, bring on Stratton Mountain 2020!  

Photos by Scott Seefeldt