Poldark and dryrobe - Things are warming up on set!

Blog - Poldark and dryrobe - Things are warming up on set!

Poldark and dryrobe - Things are warming up on set!

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We’re getting used to seeing dryrobes on film sets all over the world, but we struggled to contain our excitement when we caught a glimpse of the stars of Poldark keeping warm in them on a Cornish beach during filming (and that’s not just because Aidan Turner is wrapped up in one!). 
Aidan Turner in a dryrobe

The South West coast is the spiritual home of dryrobe, it’s where it was both conceived and developed. So seeing our products used in the environment they were inspired by on such a high profile TV show was something special.
Poldark cast on set in dryrobes

From the cast of Poldark to the set of latest series Game of Thrones, dryrobe has been a godsend to costume departments everywhere. The design helps to keep actors and production staff warm in cold, windy locations, whilst being big enough to cover the entirety of a period costume. The double zip design means actors can sip in and out of the dryrobe without having to remove items of costume.

We’ve even noticed when shooting our own promotional films how effective a dryrobe is at protecting the production crew from the elements. Camera operators and sound engineers often come away from the shoot convinced that a dryrobe is an essential piece of kit for filming outdoors!

The versatility of dryrobe means that its usefulness goes far beyond the realm of a post-surf change. It’s not just a great piece of equipment for watersport enthusiasts and distance runners who want to keep their core temperature up, but it’s also great at keeping you warm whilst you watch events or if you’re out camping in the wilderness.

If you’ve spotted your favourite film star on set rocking a dryrobe we’d love to see it. Send us your pics to hello@dryrobe.com