Were they really wearing dryrobe at the Olympic Games?

Blog - Were they really wearing dryrobe at the Olympic Games?

Were they really wearing dryrobe at the Olympic Games?

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Olympic Rio 2016 - Great Britain’s (almost) secret weapon - dryrobe

TEAM GB make an impression wearing dryrobe® #Rio2016

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Who would have thought that dryrobe® would be official team kit at Rio Olympic games? How did this all come about and what is the adidas connection?

Well as we understand, the athletes already using dryrobe informed adidas® that this was the kit they needed. We have worked with many elite athletes in the past 6 years but it was still quite a surprise to get a phone call from the mighty adidas®. It was an exciting time with lots going on in the office but I remember when Sharon showed us the first email from them we did have to have a quick look to check that it wasn't a prank.

The chance to have Team GB athletes wearing dryrobes at #Rio2016 was the stuff of dreams and we worked for over a year towards making it happen, the whole time keeping our involvement hidden from the public & the other international teams. 

The advantage the athletes would get from using the dryrobes was key to the decision making around when we could announce our involvement. After the games was the call.

You might have noticed that there were some key differences with the dryrobes in use at the Olympic games, most noticeably where was our logo? Well it was there, big & bold but on the inside due to the televised sponsorship issues and the mega deal that adidas® have with the Olympic Games. The dryrobe performance was the same & the Olympic team dryrobes also featured the new zip off sleeve, which offers the short & long sleeve versatility, all in one.

We will have this new Zip-off sleeve Model in our classic dryrobe branding, available very soon on our website. Make sure you follow us on social media for updates.

Rio Olympics 2016 TeamGB dryrobe

dryrobe® were an official supplier of Team GB kit, working with adidas® to supply the diving, triathlon and swimming teams across both the Olympics and Paralympics. The weather-proof, outdoor change robe was spotted throughout the Games and was worn by an array of leading athletes.

 "dryrobe is one of those products you don't know you need until you put one on"

Probably one of the most notable exposures for dryrobe was Paralympian Ellie Robinson’s iconic entrance, before confidently winning gold in record time during the 50M Butterfly final. Her entrance in the dryrobe® attracted attention across social media, being described as ‘gangster’ by some - but her choice of clothing captured the imagination of the watching public.


The dryrobe was getting talked about by presenters who were discussing it's function and why the athletes were using the dryrobes. We were surprised to hear them being called dryrobes by name too. Obviously they had been getting some attention. 

"The dryrobe was born from necessity, now it’s now used by sporting stars in world events"

Gideon Bright, owner and creator of dryrobe®, said: “What an unbelievable Games! We are extremely proud of our association with Team GB at Rio games, their most successful yet and we are honoured that dryrobe® was chosen to supply the athletes, working in collaboration with adidas®, as an official supplier to the swimming, triathlon & diving teams Olympic & Paralympic teams.

“Since the development of the first ever dryrobe®, we have continued to develop a product that performs for athletes at the highest levels. Our performance technical kit has become well respected, and is used by some of the world’s best athletes. It is great to hear that the athletes were the people who instigated the talks which led to our collaboration with adidas for the Rio 2016 Team GB kit.”

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dryrobe® Ltd have also worked with a selection of organisations who have embraced the dryrobe ‘stay warm’ philosophy such as British Para-Swimming and Diving, GBR Lifesaving Team, USA Lifesaving Team, Various Red Bull events, The Royal Lifesaving society, Sport Relief challenges & many other reputable sporting and endurance focused companies & events.

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