The Value of Originality.

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The Value of Originality.

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So what is the value of originality?

The coverage of last weekend's, Tough Guy® (Mr Mouse Events, Tough Guy® Mudathon - Previously known as Tough Guy® and now known as Tough Guy again), has got a lot of people talking.

What ever your thinking is towards the event, it can't be denied that it oozes uniqueness, character and heritage. It got me thinking back to a conversation I had with the charismatic founder Mr Mouse.

Tough Guy 2018 dryrobe

Photo: James Appleton.

A few years ago at Mud7, the UK's First OCR Expo, I was introduced to Mr Mouse. He took the time to compliment me on the concept and originality of the dryrobe products. He then proceeded to tell me part of his story and highlighted some of things he would have done differently if he was to do it all again.

His experiences and thoughts were shared freely, honestly and with sincerity that I haven't forgotten. I listened and I can say that I took some thinking away from that short conversation that has stayed with me.

The Story behind Tough Guy® and the origins of Obstacle course racing (OCR) have been well documented. Note: if you haven't seen Scott Keneally's awesomefilm - 'Rise of the Sufferfests' you should to watch it, to get a take on it.


Scott Keneally - rise of the sufferfests

I have come to think that creativity and innovation come from a hugely positive place. Genuine passion and interest, focused thought and consistently applied action. Activities that, when practiced over time, can amount to a life well lived.

Why do we like the original things? I look to the innovators, who see opportunities to fulfil a need driven by awareness. We discover also that money was, in most cases, never the motivation but the drive to bring to life an idea that became a passion.

 So, how do you measure the value of originality? I guess, like everything, it depends how you measure it and what you perceive as valuable.

The authenticity, the knowledge gained, the lessons learned along with the sense of pride for bringing a thought to life. The experiences of the highly personal and challenging journey. Real value you take with into every thing you do. It is yours to keep, for all time. 

Mr Mouse - legacy

 Tough Guy dryrobe the struggle is real - dryrobe - tough guy Tough Guy® 2018