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Whitley Stewart - dryrobe ambassador

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At just 14 years old Whitley Stewart has the world of Wake Surfing at her feet. Back in September Whitley took home the women’s amateur title at World Wake Surf Championship, beating off women twice her age to take the crown in Odgen Valley, Utah.

Whitley Stewart Wakesurfing

We caught up with Whitley to find out what got her into wakesurfing and what she’s got lined up for 2019 and beyond.

Where do you normally wakesurf?
I normally wake surf on Lake Allatoona in Georgia.

What’s the best wave you’ve ever wakesurfed?
The best wave hands down is the Supra SL 450 wave. It gives you so much push and is very clean.

What is your proudest achievement in wakesurfing?
My proudest achievement wake surfing is winning the 2018 World Wakesurf Championship.

Whitley Stewart wakesurfing world champion 2018

What's coming up next in your calendar?
The next few months I will be doing some off-season training mostly in Florida where it is warmer. My next competition though is in May of 2019.

What are your goals for the future? Wakesurfing and otherwise?
One of my biggest goals which I recently achieved was to get a boat sponsor and I just joined the Supra Boats family. But now, my biggest achievement would be to win another world title in the semi-pro division and then go pro. I would also love to be the first person to land a trick that has never been done before.

Have you always been into wakesurfing? When did you first start?
I have always loved being in the water and before I got into wake surfing, I loved to ocean surf just for fun. I took a lesson wake surfing in August of 2016 and fell in love with it immediately.

Whitley Stewart wakesufer dryrobe ambassador

What draws you to wakesurfing?
I've always been drawn to the water. Wakesurfing makes me feel happy and I feel like there isn’t a care in the word when I am on my board.

What’s a fact about you that people might not know?
A fun fact about me is that I am highly allergic to nuts.

What does dryrobe do for you, and how has it made a difference to your wakesurfing?
dryrobe has been great and I love being part of the team! They have provided me with support and so much gear to keep me warm after some chilly competitions like in Washington and Utah! I am so grateful for them!