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Blog - Why a PFC-free waterproofing is good for you and the planet

Why a PFC-free waterproofing is good for you and the planet

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At dryrobe® we’re dedicated to creating a sustainably focused performance change robe from the start of its production to the finish… literally.

We’ve chosen to avoid using the standard (and harmful) PFCs used to waterproof products in favour of a plant-based PFC-free BIONIC-FINISH ECO Durable Water-Repellent (DWR).

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What are PFCs and how are they harmful?

PFCs are manmade chemicals traditionally used to waterproof products and, admittedly, they do their job very well.

However, their long-lasting quality is also known as a ‘forever chemical’ that can take up to 1,000 years to go back to nature - if it does at all. Studies have shown these chemicals have reached rivers and waterways in remote trekking locations worldwide.

The harmful impact of PFCs doesn’t end there. As a form of Fluorinated gases (F-Gas), they also contribute to the warming of the planet. The percentage of ‘F Gases’ that are released into the atmosphere is much smaller than that of Carbon Dioxide. However, PFCs have a much higher global warming potential, meaning they are helping to speed up the warming of our planet.

We have opted to finish the dryobe® Advance, and all our waterproof products with a solution that reduces the use of harmful environmentally and humanly hazardous PFC (perfluorinated compounds) / PFA (Perfluorocarboxylic acids) substances. 

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The benefits of BIONIC FINISH®Eco

Every dryrobe® Advance has a PFC-free waterproof coating made from a fluorine-free formulation.

BIONIC FINISH®Eco is a Bluesign product and ZDHC chemical gateway-certified coating that is compliant with most Restricted Substances Lists (RSLs).

It is a plant-based solution that doesn't contain any harmful compounds but still delivers high-performance weather resistance while minimising a negative impact on the environment.

Not only does it contain less harmful chemicals, but it only needs a tiny amount to be applied for a high-rated waterproof result.

Water droplets beading on a dryrobe Advance change robe

How Bionic Finish®Eco repels water

In short, it’s extremely cool!

The engineering of the molecules reflects how Mother Nature repels water. BIONIC FINISH® Eco is structured with ‘molecules made of multi-functional branches that interact among themselves, co-crystallize, and self-organize into highly ordered, multi-component systems. They optimize the whole structure, attach to the textile, and embed fluorine-free water repellent performance.’

Read more about BIONIC FINISH® Eco here, as well as the technology behind BIONIC FINISH®Eco here.

A man wearing a dryrobe under a waterfall smiling

Choosing PFC products

A great way to look out for PFC-free products is to check the ‘features’ or ‘materials’ description of the product. If it does not mention PFC-free and is a waterproof product, it is likely to have a PFC coating.

For more info on PFCs, you can check out the ‘Footprints in the Snow’ report by Greenpeace or this insightful article from the Guardian here.

Water droplets beading on a dryrobe Advance change robe

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