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Blog - Winter OCR training with Jon Albon

Winter OCR training with Jon Albon

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“My goal most days? The first thing to do is to enjoy myself... go and find activities which I really think are enjoyable.”

Jon Albon in his dryrobe - Bergen, Norway

No one has dominated the world of OCR and Skyrunning in quite the way that dryrobe ambassador Jonathan Albon has in recent years. The list of titles Jon currently holds is extraordinary. In 2018 he not only became a five-time OCR World Champion, he also took home the Tougher Mudder World Championship, the Ultra SkyMarathon World Championship and the Spartan World and Trifecta Championships.

Jon Albon cross-training in Norway

So what is the training secret to Jon’s epic success? Does he adhere to a strict diet of specialist fruit juices? Is there an intense, burpee routine that he follows? Turns out the key to a good training session for Jon is get out there and have fun!

Jon Albon sharpening his ski

"Fun is something that is really important to me, that's probably the word I use most when I'm talking to other people when they're asking how they could train more and how I train. Because really if you enjoy something you go out and do it more and then you get better at it because the more you do something the better you get at it."

Jon Albon winter training in Norway 2019

Jon spends his off-season at home in Bergen, skiing in the stunning Norwegian wilderness with his wife Henriette. He attributes his success last season to the different approach to this winter training, where adventure and enjoyment came first and the training was a side effect of that.

Jon Albon, Norway 2019

"My training in the off-season changed a lot last winter and it was really, really successful. I had a lot of fun and it really helped during the summer racing season, so I'm going to be doing the same sort of thing this winter. Which is a lot of cross-training, especially a lot of skiing and then really cutting back on the running before adding it back in again as the race season approaches."

Jon Albon in his dryrobe , Norway 2019

Watch Jon talk about his winter training as he prepares the summer OCR season:

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Jonathan Albon skiing in Norway

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