dryrobe and Castle Triathlon prepartation zones

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dryrobe and Castle Triathlon prepartation zones

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We're pleased to announce a new two-year partnership deal with Castle Triathlon. When the six weekend Castle Triathlon festivals take place, dryrobe will now be hosting Official Athlete Preparation Zones.

A dryrobe is essential for many triathletes to keep warm before their race, so we're pleased to be involved, helping them to prepare for their event. There will be bespoke changing and preparation areas for triathletes as they come in to begin their challenge. On top of this, each Bastion full iron distance triathlete will receive a free towel dryrobe when they finish their race.

(Pictured here: special edition dryrobe Advance Tri-Series Custom branded dryrobe)

Castle triathlon Series dryrobe

We're really proud of our products and we know it's the pefect kit for both before and after events  where competitors have undergone some really hard physical challenges before reaching that finish line.

The dryrobe is spacious enough to pull your arms inside and change out of your wet, sweaty kit and into something a little more comfortable. You can change out of a wetsuit or swim suit easily while staying warm and preserving your modesty.

dryrobes are already often seen at Castle Triathlon Series events, so it seemed like a natural partnership for us to join forces and offer Castle triathletes the chance to prepare for their event in a purpose built changing and preparation area.  It's as much a mental challenge as a physical one, so that time before the race begins is really important to feel focused and ready.

We are looking forward to this season getting underway.