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Blog - Ben Gravy - dryrobe® Ambassador

Ben Gravy - dryrobe® Ambassador

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We’re stoked to announce that professional surfer, blogger and videographer, Ben Gravy has joined dryrobe® as an ambassador!

After quitting alcohol on Christmas Day in 2015, Ben dedicated his time to pursuing his two main passions in life, surfing and vlogging. Since making this life changing decision, he has become world recognised for his punk rock pineapple branding and infectious, upbeat attitude to surfing.

With a love for tracking down and riding novelty waves, Ben documents his incredible adventures on his massively popular YouTube channel. Introduced to surfing aged 8 by his dad, Ben achieved his lifetime goal of becoming a professional surfer at the age of 30, which he considers as his ‘second chance at a surf career.

We were keen to talk to Ben about his amazing career as a videographer editor and surfer, his surf experiences and the importance of doing something that makes you happy!

Ben Gravy on a pink sponge surfboard surfing a wave

(Photo courtesy of Pat Nolan / Red Bull Content Pool)

Have you always been into surfing and when did your love for it start?
I started surfing when I was 8 years old. The thing I always loved about surfing is that it takes you out of this world. When you’re on a wave you forget about everything else and you can truly live in the moment.

You’re a videographer editor by trade and worked in production previous to starting your blog. What do you love about creating videos?
Creating videos is as much of a thrill to me as surfing. I love gathering everything that was shot from every different angle and stitching together a story that everyone can enjoy.

You gave up alcohol in 2015 and said you started to vlog as a form of therapy. How did the combination of surfing and vlogging help you during this time and did you ever think your following would become so massive on YouTube?
I truly never even thought about the vlog becoming successful, I really just wanted to stay sober and working on videos just really helped with that. After my first few novelty wave vlogs took off, then I started following that trend and it’s been a lot of fun!

You have said that getting your first professional surf contract at 30 years old was a ‘second chance at a surf career’. What did this mean to you and why is it important to never give up on your dreams?
When I was a grom I tried to become a pro surfer. I did everything right, won contests, got photos and went to all the surf industry events, but at the end of the day I was able to surf for a living by being my authentic self. It’s important to stay motivated and follow your dreams, but my main dream is to just simply be who I truly am.

Ben Gravy surfing with two surfboards on a wave

(Photo courtesy of Pat Nolan / Red Bull Content Pool)

What’s been the biggest lesson you have found in life so far and what piece of valuable advice would you share to others?
If you find something that makes you happy, never stop doing it!

What are your favourite kind of waves to surf and why?
My favourite waves are novelty waves or waves that no one else has ever surfed, or even looked at, or considered riding!

You’ve surfed all 50 US states! You said that this idea started out as a joke, but at what point did you just go for it?
Once I got to the 14th state I was really off to the races. I really didn’t know if it was going to be possible, but that’s part of the dream!

Out of all the states, which one had the most memorable surf experience?
The most memorable state was Pennsylvania. I surfed on Lake Erie about 9 hours from the ocean & the waves were absolutely pumping!

Ben Gravy surfing between a pier

(Photo courtesy of Robbie Vallad / Red Bull Content Pool)

What’s the scariest wave you’ve ever caught?
I paddled into a wave in Oregon that was probably about 30ft tall and after I made the drop, I looked up to see the entire thing closing out on my head. It was scary for a moment, but once I came up from the wipeout I was stoked!

What other goals do you have in the pipeline and what are you looking forward to the most in the future?
I’m considering surfing in every single country in the world, but I’m mostly looking forward to spreading a positive attitude to the rest of the world. It’s important to greet every day with a positive and humble outlook. FOR THE DREAM!!

Ben Gravy in a camo dryrobe® with the hood up

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