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Clearing the Ocean of Ghost Gear - Ghost Fishing UK

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The UN estimates that a staggering 640,000 tonnes of fishing waste is lost into the oceans every year.

Since 2015 Ghost Fishing UK has been dedicated to removing this abandoned, lost and discarded fishing gear or ‘Ghost Gear’. These lost nets, pots and lines continue to catch marine life, having an undoubted effect on the marine ecosystem. Animals are needlessly killed by this Ghost Gear which, unless removed from the sea, continues in a vicious circle of catching animals which in turn act as bait for larger animals.

Ghost Fishing divers survey sites, collecting important data on the ghost gear and any animals trapped, alive and dead. This data is critical to provide evidence of the ghost gear problem and adds weight to the mission to reduce it.

The gear is cut free as close to the seabed as possible and floated back up to the surface. This is dangerous work and great care is needed to ensure that the divers do not become entangled with the equipment, involving a high degree of teamwork.

We’re proud to support the important work that Ghost Fishing UK do, through the dryrobe® Warmth Project.

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