Lucy Campbell’s 7 Exercises to Improve Your Surfing

Blog - Lucy Campbell’s 7 Exercises to Improve Your Surfing

Lucy Campbell’s 7 Exercises to Improve Your Surfing

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The cold weather might be on its way, but that doesn’t mean that your surf fitness regime has to go into hibernation. 6 X National Women’s Surf Champion and dryrobe ambassador Lucy Campbell shares her training tips, for both in and out of the water, that will help you improve your surfing.

Lucy Campbell Pro Surfer running

1. Practice your pop ups

“You can easily practice your pop ups at home, you just need to make a cross on a wood/tiled floor, with one line going down the middle of your body and one under your chest. Pop up and make sure that your front foot is coming up to the line where your chest was and both feet are on the centre line. That way you’ll be nice and balanced when you stand up on your board!”

2. Jump in the pool

“Swimming is great exercise and is perfect for keeping your paddling muscles strong. It also really helps to improve your confidence in the water.”

Pro surfer Lucy Campbell sea swimming at Woolacombe

3. Find your inner yogi

“Surfing and yoga is an awesome combo! I find it amazing for flexibility, balance and body control.”

4. Get on your (skate) board

“Skating is really good for cross training for surfing. If you can’t get in the water, riding your skateboard is a great way to practice your balance before your next surf.”

Lucy Campbell Surfing At Woolacombe
5. Join the resistance

“TRXs (Total Resistance exercises) are super handy for at home workouts or while travelling, plus there are loads of great workouts you can follow online.”

6. Hit the circuits

“Circuit training is great too - anything that strengthens your legs, core and arms will help! I really feel the benefit from weight training, but make sure you learn the correct technique through the movements before adding weights.”

7. Don’t let the weather stop you!

“The more time you can spend in the water the better. Even if it looks cold and rubbish you can set a little goal such as ‘catch 10 waves’ or ‘practice cut backs’. I guarantee you won’t regret getting in!”

Cold water surfing with Lucy Campbell

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