Send it for climate! dryrobe® and Protect Our Winters UK team up

Blog - Send it for climate! dryrobe® and Protect Our Winters UK team up

Send it for climate! dryrobe® and Protect Our Winters UK team up

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The natural world is our playground, it’s where the fun is in life, where we create incredible moments with the people we love. Climate change is devastating the environment, and we need to do more to protect it's future.

That’s why we’re proud to be joining forces with Protect Our Winters UK to tackle this critical issue, helping to safeguard the very essence of what makes exploring the outdoors so amazing.

Man with his back to the camera face out to sea, wearing a navy blue dryrobe changing robe

Protect Our Winters UK (POW UK) is an outdoor climate action charity, that helps passionate outdoor people become effective climate advocates. They deliver community education and engagement programmes, organisational climate action support, and campaign for systemic policy solutions.

Driven by a growing concern about the lack of snow at his favourite resorts, and what that meant for the communities who rely on it, pro snowboarder Jeremy Jones decided to take action. Recognising the absence of organisations mobilising the outdoor community around climate change, Jones founded Protect Our Winters (POW) in 2007. The success of POW resonated across the Atlantic, inspiring a group of British outdoor enthusiasts to replicate the movement in the UK. This led to the establishment of POW UK in 2017.

dryrobe® x Protect Our Winters UK

This partnership is all about collaboration and taking action. We’ll be supporting POW UK’s Send it For Climate Campaign. We are also taking a big step forward with POW UK and committing to developing our environmental responsibility.

The entire dryrobe® team will undergo Carbon Literacy Training from POW UK, empowering our team, and giving us the tools to understand our environmental footprint and implement ways to reduce our impact in every area of the business on a daily basis.

A landscape photoe of a sunset overlayed with the following text: "Pledge to vote, send it for climate"

Send it for climate

This year, the UK has the power to vote for representatives who align with our values to protect the things we love. Using your right to vote is how you can have a say on the issues which are important to you, including protecting the things we love for now and future generations.

By taking action and voting with climate in mind, you can show support for policies that can help bring an end to the climate crisis.

The UK’s outdoor community is beautiful, passionate, inspiring, and around 25 million strong. If we come together, we can be the most influential group on climate action in the country. Turn your passion for the outdoors into a purpose to protect it.

Here's how YOU can Send it for Climate during the crucial voting season:

  • June 18th (midnight): Deadline to register to vote.
  • June 19th: Deadline for new postal vote applications or amending existing absent voting arrangements.
  • June 26th (5pm): Deadline for new applications to vote by proxy.
  • July 4th: Polling Day - Get out and vote!
Man carrying a yellow surfboard down a hill whilst wearing a Navy Blue dryrobe Advance

Research is power. Make a plan by researching candidates' environmental stances and choosing who best represents your desire to protect the outdoors.

Make your voice heard. Pledge to vote on the issues that affect the future of our coasts, trails, and wild spaces.

By taking action now, we can protect the adventures we crave. Share this message with your fellow outdoor enthusiasts, and let's take action!

For more information on the 'Send It' campaign and how to get involved, head over to the POW UK website.

We are so excited about this partnership, and to bring you along with us on this adventure. Together, we can make a difference.

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