New look. Same dryrobe®.

Blog - New look. Same dryrobe®.

New look. Same dryrobe®.

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At dryrobe® we’re passionate about the simple things, like spending quality time outdoors with our friends and family. That’s why we’ve decided to simplify our logo and branding to reflect this.

Man stood on beach wearing Navy dryrobe Advance featuring the new dryrobe logo

This is not just a change for change's sake. By simplifying our branding we’re making it work on a whole new range of exciting products that are on their way - watch this space!

Original dryrobe and 2016 dryrobe Advance side by side

We still love our original logo and know many of you do too. That’s why we’re gradually phasing in this refined look.

As a certified B Corp™, with sustainability at our core, we design and build products with the longest lifespan. That's the way we have always done things and are proud to be the antithesis of fast fashion. Our mission is to ensure that every dryrobe® we make finds a loving home.

Woman on a beach wearing a dryrobe Advance with the new logo

Whilst the logo is changing, our commitment to quality and sustainability isn’t. The innovative design and high-performance, 100% recycled fabrics, used in the dryrobe® Advance remain exactly the same.

Man wearing stood by the sea wearing a Black Camo dryrobe Advance changing robe

Since we started this journey over a decade ago, the simple and effective idea behind dryrobe® hasn’t changed, but the quality of materials and the design have continuously evolved. This new look is part of that evolution. With some exciting developments on the horizon, we’re stoked about the future and look forward to sharing it with you.

Team dryrobe®