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Often imitated, never bettered. The dryrobe® Advance is the original, weatherproof, outdoor changing robe. Built with performance at its core, it’s been designed to warm you up quickly and improve recovery after getting out of cold water.

To put this to the test, Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) Institute of Sport, a global leader in the academic study of sports science, undertook an independent research study to investigate the effects of wearing a dryrobe® Advance after cold water immersion (compared to towel and foil space blanket).

MMU measured both the physiological (core body temperature, heart rate, and skin temperature) and perceptual (thermal sensation and thermal comfort) responses of participants.

Their results show that wearing a dryrobe® Advance after getting out of cold water can have significant benefits, including helping to lower heart rate and increase skin temperature, as well as improving thermal comfort and thermal sensation levels, demonstrating that participants felt warmer and more comfortable when wearing the dryrobe® compared to the other conditions.

The rapid recovery demonstrated by these results shows that the dryrobe® Advance is potentially beneficial to athletes performing repeatedly over a short period of time, such as swimmers or surfers training, or competing in events.

Read more about the study and results here

What makes the dryrobe® Advance lining better than the rest?

We don’t want to say exactly how our advanced lining works, just in case our competitors are reading (hi there!). But we can break it down to the basics...

The unique composition of our inner fleece enables it to perfectly balance insulation with the ability to wick water away from the skin. The moisture evaporates quickly due to venting in the design of the garment, without compromising its warmth and waterproof qualities.

In tests, the back2skinTM dry time is significantly faster than our leading competitors. Meaning you can get in and out of the water multiple times a day without the dryrobe® Advance ever feeling damp.

Through years of extensive development, we believe that our fleece lining hits the sweet spot - balancing comfort with performance.

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Sustainably produced

We’re proud to say that the high-performance fleece lining of the dryrobe® Advance is made from 100% recycled polyester (rPET), approved by the Global Recycle Standard and certified OEKO-TEX Standard 100. Using post-consumer recycled polyester helps to divert unwanted plastic pollution, such as bottles, away from our oceans.

We only work with suppliers who we know and trust. To ensure fair and safe working conditions all of our supplier factories are SMETA or BSCI approved. Find more about our sustainability journey.

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Person collecting litter on a beach wearing a dryrobe® Advance in Cobalt Blue

Trusted by elite athletes

World-class athletes from across the globe recognise the performance benefits that the dryrobe® Advance brings.

Pro surfers, open water swimmers, triathletes and endurance athletes use dryrobe® change robes to keep their core temperature up before and after events; giving them a competitive edge. The fast-drying lining enables them to train throughout the day without their recovery being compromised by a cold, damp change robe.

Team GB specifically requested dryrobe® change robes for the swimming events at the Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics to help them gain an advantage over their opponents.

We’re very proud to work with a team of dedicated ambassadors who compete at the highest level.

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dryrobe® Advance.
Weatherproof. Fast drying. Breathable.

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Weather Resistant

The outer shell fabric is waterproof up to 10,000mm. BIONIC-FINISH ECO® water-resistant finishing combined with heat-sealed seams creates a solid barrier against wind and water. Made from 100% recycled nylon.

Super-warm lining

The advanced synthetic lambswool lining not only keeps you warm, helping to maintain your core temperature, it also wicks water away from your skin helping you dry quicker. Made from 100% recycled polyester.

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Breathable to 3000 g/m2/d

Airflow is essential to the drying process. The dryrobe® Advance allows sweat and moisture to be transported away from the body and out from the garment without compromising its warmth and waterproof qualities.

Large fleece-lined hood

The large hood not only keeps you covered during the heaviest of rain showers, but is lined with synthetic lambswool to keep your head warm and dry.

Children surfing with Wave Project

Two-way YKK® zip

Unlike a changing poncho or towel robe, the front zip on the dryrobe® Advance allows easy access for getting changed. The two-way YKK® zip allows you to open or close the dryrobe® Advance from the inside.

Pocket space

Two fleece-lined external zip pockets keep your hands warm, an internal waterproof zip pocket is perfect for your phone/wallet, and a large soft-lined ‘poacher' pocket is designed to keep your swim/sports gear safe.

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