August 14, 2017

#mydryrobe | Cliff Diving with Blake Aldridge

We recently caught up with dryrobe ambassador and Red Bull​ Cliff Diver Blake Aldridge​ while he was training in the UK at Adrenalin Quarry​ near Liskeard in Cornwall.

dryrobe, dryrobeterritory, mydryrobe, blake aldridge, cliff diviing, high diving, diving, diver, red bull, adrenalin quarry
Blake was there with top cliff divers Ellie Smart​ and 6 x world champion Gary Hunt​ so it was a perfect opportunity to catch up and watch these guys do what they do best.

It was an awesome location for the day - Adrenalin Quarry is the UK's first high diving training facility and aims to become an academy to train the next generation of high divers, as well as attracting international diving competitions in the future. The former quarry now features a 24m diving platform - allowing divers to train at competition height for the first time. Up until now, the closest thing was indoor platforms at 10m.

It was incredible to watch some of the best divers in the world do their thing - with the highlight being Blake, Ellie and Gary somersaulting together into the 24m deep water below on their final dive.

The UK has been a hotbed for diving talent for a long time now - Blake competed at the 2008 Beijing Olympics in high diving, while Gary is the 6 times World Champion on the Red Bull Cliff Diving Series. While not from the UK - Ellie has in fact recently moved from the USA to train here full time!

Whilst the sun was shining on our visit to the quarry, the divers were still keen to get warm quickly after their time in the water:

If we've just got out of the water after diving here or at events like we did in Ireland, being able to get straight into a dryrobe makes a serious difference, there's nothing like it! - Blake Aldridge

To keep track of the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series, head to 

Next up for the divers is Hell's Gate, Texas on September 3rd

July 31, 2017

How do you use your dryrobe? #mydryrobe

We're launching an exciting new campaign very soon and we need YOU! We'd like to hear from our amazing community about how you use your dryrobe - whatever your sport or activity - we want to hear how your dryrobe makes what you like to do, even better.

Our awesome community has got dryrobe to where it is today - we started off in the beach car parks of North Devon keeping surfers warm while they got changed, but now we hear incredible stories every day from all over the world of all the different ways that dryrobe is used. Obstacle course racing, triathlons, swims, runs, riding, diving - the list just keeps on growing.


Here at dryrobe HQ we love to read all of your stories and hear about the incredible things that you do. We decided that we couldn't keep these stories to ourselves - they need to be shared. We're going to create a series of short films focussing on real people and their real lives and this is where you come in - send us your stories, we want to make you the stars!


There's a number of ways to get in touch:

  • Send us a comment or a DM on the dryrobe Facebook
  • Post your stories on Instagram with the hashtag #mydryrobe
  • Tweet us @dryrobe with the hashtag #mydryrobe

Watch this space and remember - it could be you that we come to make a video about. We can't wait to hear from you!

July 24, 2017

Surfing England achieves NGB recognition

English surfing is something that's close to our hearts here at dryrobe - it's where we started, it's what we enjoy every day and it's a big part of our future. Very recently, a game changing decision was made to secure the future of English surfing itself.

On June 21st 2017, Sport England recognised Surfing England as the National Governing Body (NGB) for the sport of surfing in England. This move marks the end of a seven-year-journey by the organisation - to have a surfing body officially recognised at the highest level.

The news means that English surfing is now eligible to gain access to government funding and professional support, which has been closed for many years – an essential step at a critical time, as the sport continues to grow and it prepares for its Olympic debut in Tokyo 2020.

Sport England is pleased to announce that Surfing England is now a recognised National Governing Body. As a recognised NGB, we hope that Surfing England will continue to grow in its reach, providing more support and expertise to anyone currently in the sport or starting for the first time.” Said Phil Smith, Sport England's Director of Sport.

The organisation’s vision and strategy towards “a healthy surfing community” can now be realised.

dryrobe ambassador Will Bailey, looking forward to the future (Photo: Robbie Dark)

With access to thousands of miles of wave drenched coastline and world leading wavepool technology set to radically improve performance, English surfers are aiming for medals on the global stage.

The recognition of Surfing England follows the recent unification of English surfers under an NGB that has passed rigorous testing and examination by Sport England. Built by surfers for surfers with a strong foundation, professional staff and an adherence to proper and transparent process, the organisation is designed to meet the demands and delivery of a modern day NGB service. Surfing England has succeeded largely thanks to the good will of its diverse membership and exceptional support from sponsors.  

The message is a clear one, Surfing England is a community and we invite every surfer in the country to join us“, said Nick Rees, Surfing England Operations Manager.

Surfing England, now with its official recognition and wave of positive energy, will provide a first class service to its members and the public as it aims to achieve a healthy surfing community. Here at dryrobe, we're proud and excited to be a part of this.

"We've had a great working relationship with Surfing England over the years and it's awesome to see all of their hard work pay off. It's going to be exciting to see how this will help develop and nurture the wealth of talent in the UK right now," Gideon Bright, Founder of dryrobe.

For more information on Surfing England or to become a member, head to -
June 26, 2017

Great Ormond Street dryrobe Change Challenge

We recently had an email come in telling us about an amazing charity challenge that has just been launched to raise valuable funds for Great Ormond Street Hospital. The challenge - changing as fast as possible under a dryrobe! We had to find out more, and take part ourselves of course, so we got in touch with the organiser of the challenge, Nick Molnar, to get the details.

dryrobe, change, challenge, Great, Ormond, Street, Hospital, charity

Thanks for talking with us Nick and for setting up such an amazing challenge - can you tell us a bit about why you started it?

In 2012 our two year old daughter Phoebe underwent open heart surgery at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) to fix a hole in her heart.  During the operation other complications were found but were fixed.  She was closely monitored in the weeks after the operation and now we visit the hospital annually for further monitoring.  She has also helped the researchers at GOSH with their studies on cardiac patients by undergoing several cognitive and mental tests to see the effects of the heart condition.  Since her operation we have always raised money for GOSH by volunteering for them and raising money through sponsorship for our active endeavours.

dryrobe, change, challenge, Great, Ormond, Street, Hospital, charity

Nick, with wife Rachel and daughter Phoebe - taking on the challenge

What inspired you to use a dryrobe for the challenge?

I first saw people wearing dryrobes at Tough Mudder and since then a lot of other obstacle course races (OCR) and during the recent RIO Olympics.  I had been talking about them to my wife for a couple of years now and she recently got one for her birthday and now sees what I have been talking about all this time.  I bought one for my daughter for her birthday earlier this month and she loves it and both will be using them on our forthcoming camping holiday and also future OCR events.  It’s my turn next to get one.

 I saw a YouTube video with someone changing quickly in a dryrobe showing the product’s versatility but it was ‘played down’ a bit and I thought there must be something in that for a challenge.  Taking inspiration from the Ice Bucket Challenge from a few years ago I thought that perhaps I could devise a similar challenge to go viral.


What's your aims for the challenge, how would you like to see it progress?

It is hoped that the challenge will spread through social media and raise some money and awareness for Great Ormond Street Hospital, as we as a family now do what we can for the hospital as our way of giving back to them.  Phoebe likes the thought that she is helping other children get well. 

We hope that people will embrace what is a pretty fun challenge and enjoy themselves whilst taking part and raising some money for a fantastic cause!

 So the challenge itself is simple - change from one set of clothes to another, underneath a dryrobe, as fast as possible! Nick's wife Rachel set the first record, with a time of 1:34 - so if you beat her time, you donate £2 to Great Ormond Street Hospital, but if your time is slower than Rachel's, you donate £4.

Donating is easy - just text "ROBE82 £2" or "ROBE82 £4" to 70070

Or visit

The dryrobe marketing team took on the challenge at HQ - think you can beat their times?

June 21, 2017

dryrobe at Toughest London

This weekend saw a huge event in the OCR calendar, with the Toughest race series coming to the UK. The race was held at Pippingford Park, just south of London, and with competitors being greeted by 30 degree heat and glorious sunshine, it promised to be a classic.

Toughest, race, OCR, obstacle course, Jonathan Albon, David Nordstrom, Krister Sellman, Karin Karlsson, Annika Runegaard Thomsen, Henriette Albon

The event saw the fourth stop in the Toughest Elite Tour - where the elite racers in the men's and women's devisions compete in incredibly fast-paced races for positions and ranking points to count towards their final placing in the overall tour. 

Toughest, race, OCR, obstacle course, Jonathan Albon, David Nordstrom, Krister Sellman, Karin Karlsson, Annika Runegaard Thomsen, Henriette Albon

With temperatures soaring, the racers would be battling against the heat as much as the obstacles themselves! The course at Pippingford showcased the type of challenge that Toughest are renowned for - an 8km course with 40+ technically challenging obstacles designed to really test the athletes.

Toughest, race, OCR, obstacle course, Jonathan Albon, David Nordstrom, Krister Sellman, Karin Karlsson, Annika Runegaard Thomsen, Henriette Albon

The men's elite race was run at blistering pace, with dryrobe ambassador and current OCR world champion Jonathan Albon continuing his unbeaten run in Toughest events to take the win in a time of 41.15, over a minute ahead of second place. Athletes' four best results are counted towards their final tour ranking, so Jon is now well on his way and sitting comfortably at the top of the table.

Toughest, race, OCR, obstacle course, Jonathan Albon, David Nordstrom, Krister Sellman, Karin Karlsson, Annika Runegaard Thomsen, Henriette Albon

The women's elite was another incredibly fast race, even with the sun blazing down the athletes in both elite divisions were pushing themselves to finish with some amazing times. Swedish racer Karin Karlsson took the win in the women's division with an awesome performance, showing why she is definitely one to watch as the season continues. Henriette Albon continued an excellent season with a 3rd place finish - taking her to the top of the current women's rankings. Can anyone beat the Albons to the Toughest title?

Toughest, race, OCR, obstacle course, Jonathan Albon, David Nordstrom, Krister Sellman, Karin Karlsson, Annika Runegaard Thomsen, Henriette Albon

The racing continued throughout the day, with wave after wave of awesome runners pitting themselves against the Toughest course while the crowds cheered them on in the blazing sun. 

Toughest, race, OCR, obstacle course, Jonathan Albon, David Nordstrom, Krister Sellman, Karin Karlsson, Annika Runegaard Thomsen, Henriette Albon

The UK OCR community was out in force, with a great mixture of first time runners through to hardened OCR veterans. 

Toughest, race, OCR, obstacle course, Jonathan Albon, David Nordstrom, Krister Sellman, Karin Karlsson, Annika Runegaard Thomsen, Henriette Albon

The OCR racers showed why they are renowned for their team spirit, helping each other over, under and across the obstacles and cheering each other round the course all day long.

Toughest, race, OCR, obstacle course, Jonathan Albon, David Nordstrom, Krister Sellman, Karin Karlsson, Annika Runegaard Thomsen, Henriette Albon

Next up in the series, Toughest heads to Milton Keynes for it's next UK race. For the first time ever, there will be the option to take on Toughest Double Distance - a double loop of the course means 16km with more than 80 obstacles - probably one of the most obstacle intense OCR courses at this length.

Toughest Elite London South Results

Men's top 3
1. Jonathan Albon - UK - Time: 41:15
2. David Nordström - SWE - Time: 42:27
3. Krister Sellman - SWE - Time: 43:29

Women's top 3
1. Karin Karlsson - SWE - Time:54:09
2. Annika Runegaard Thomsen - DK - Time: 54:52
3. Henriette Albon - NO - Time: 55:22

Toughest, race, OCR, obstacle course, Jonathan Albon, David Nordstrom, Krister Sellman, Karin Karlsson, Annika Runegaard Thomsen, Henriette Albon

For more photos from the event, head to our Facebook page here.


June 09, 2017

Are you dryrobe ready for festival season?

We're constantly being told about the many different ways people use their dryrobes and it's the perfect time of year for one of our favourites - festivals! The season is well and truly here, so whether you're dancing in the mud at Glastonbury, rocking out at Download or hitting the beach at Boardmasters - are you dryrobe ready for festival season?

The team at HQ all love a good festival and after some very serious and scientific (honest!) testing, we're happy to report that dryrobe is indeed the perfect accessory for your summer celebrations. 

It's the early morning, the sun has woken you up, keep yourself cosy whilst getting ready for the day's festivities

Not just for changing or staying warm - dryrobe makes the perfect festival blanket!

 dryrobes have been spotted at festivals across the country - including the legendary fields of Worthy Farm for Glastonbury

 Perfect for all weathers - the great British summertime likes to keep us on our toes so it's best to be prepared!

There's nothing better than staying warm and comfortable when you're out in your tent for the weekend - we've heard plenty of stories of people using their dryrobe as an extra sleeping bag!

The dryrobe team are already enjoying an awesome start to the festival season and are looking forward to a great lineup of events through the summer.

We always love to see people enjoying their dryrobes and being outdoors so we'd love to see your photos if you take your dryrobe to any festivals this summer! Remember to tag us on social media @dryrobe and #dryrobe and have a great time!

June 05, 2017

Every season is dryrobe season

We are always asked the question - "Will I use a dryrobe in summer?"   The answer is a resounding Yes!

Summer is always our busiest time. People are getting out and about, doing their thing, enjoying the great outdoors. Whatever it is you do - it's always a good move to take a dryrobe along.

We've been seeing lots of awesome pictures of people getting out there and enjoying themselves - OCR season is in full swing, the ocean is warming up and it's great to see everyone out there and enjoying being active. We picked out a few of our favourite pictures - please keep them coming!

swim, beach, surf, dryrobe

The only way to get dry and warm after a session in the Atlantic Ocean @swipe_and_you_might_miss_me

swim, summer, dryrobe, openwater

It might be really warm and sunny, but after a long swim, I still need my #dryrobe to warm up!!! I Always still feel the cold! @belgokatia

surf, lifesaving, summer, beach, saunton, dryrobe

First surf lifesaving beach session this evening. What a glorious evening! Love where I live and loving the time outdoors ☀️ @princesssharona2012

Spartan, OCR, race, obstacle, course, racing, dryrobe

Myself & churchy lookin like a couple of Pro's yesty @spartanraceuk 😎  @britishbeard

dryrobe, wakeboard, wakeboarding, industry, wakeparks

Practise rounds kicking off 🤘🏽@industrywakeparks @branston118

surf, wakeboard, wakeboarding, dryrobe, camel

Happy customers on a CLUB NIGHT! @camelski

nuclear, races, OCR, obstacle, course, race, dryrobe

We did it! Nuclear Race 12k with 193 obstacles! @danni.kirwan

openwater, swim, dryrobe, beach, summer

#Felixstowe swimming community #dryrobe @swimscaper

dryrobe, wakeboard, wakeboarding, summer, london

Shredding in WUD this evening #wakeboardinglife @voitie


Never leave the house without them! @elliehillbilly

It’s a real highlight for us to see how much people enjoy using their dryrobes everyday, so please keep them coming! Please remember to tag us in your uploads #dryrobe so we can keep seeing them and if you have a story you think is worth sharing please send it in via our Facebook messenger or email

May 25, 2017

dryrobe Partners Industry Pro Wakeboard Tour

We always say that you will find dryrobe next to the water - our partnership with the Industry Wakeboard Pro Tour is a perfect example of this. The Industry Pro Tour takes the explosive, awe inspiring sport of wakeboarding to the heart of large maritime events and a variety of existing and well attended festivals. The best wakeboard athletes from the British Isles as well as key international riders compete at each stop and put on one amazing show!

Industry, Wake, Parks, Pro, Tour, Wakeboard, Wakeboarding, Foxlake, Adventures, dryrobe

The tour is organised by Industry Wake Parks, whose key objective is to grow the sport of wakeboarding within the UK by opening wake parks in new locations and to showcase the sport to new audiences at events and festivals. Using the revolutionary System 2.0 cable rig, it is now possible to install wakeparks almost anywhere there is a patch of water!

Industry, Wake, Parks, Pro, Tour, Wakeboard, Wakeboarding, Foxlake, Adventures, dryrobe

The Industry Pro Tour kicked off the 2017 season with an incredible event at the Foxlake Outdoor Festival, at Foxlake Adventures in Dunbar, Scotland. Some of the best wakeboarders in the country converged on the lake and showed why wakeboarding is one of the most explosive and awe-inspiring sports to watch as well as take part in.

Industry, Wake, Parks, Pro, Tour, Wakeboard, Wakeboarding, Foxlake, Adventures, dryrobe

Industry, Wake, Parks, Pro, Tour, Wakeboard, Wakeboarding, Foxlake, Adventures, dryrobe

After two days of incredible riding and plenty of insane performances along the way, the final results were in, with Matty Muncey taking the win and the bragging rights!

Industry, Wake, Parks, Pro, Tour, Wakeboard, Wakeboarding, Foxlake, Adventures, dryrobe

 The next stop on the tour is the Gloucester Tall Ships Festival, taking place on the 27th, 28th, 29th May. This is sure to be an un-missable event as the action continues, with riders competing to claim those all important rankings points - with the rider at the end of the tour who has the most points taking the overall tour win!

Industry, Wake, Parks, Pro, Tour, Wakeboard, Wakeboarding, Foxlake, Adventures, dryrobe

The next events on the Industry Wakeboard Pro Tour calendar are:

May 18, 2017

dryrobe Ambassador - Jon Albon

 We’re very proud of our ambassadors here at dryrobe; over the years we have put together a team comprising of some seriously awe-inspiring, amazing and inspirational individuals, none more so than Mr Jon Albon. The three-time OCR (Obstacle Course Racing) World Champion is an unbelievable athlete and a great friend of dryrobe, we’re incredibly proud to have him represent the team.

jon albon, OCR, obstacle, course, racing, Toughest

After a successful year of competition in 2016, Jon has literally hit the ground running this year and seems unstoppable. For the last two years, he has won the Toughest OCR tour - by winning every single Toughest event he has entered to date - so the start of 2017 saw Jon start the race season with his sights firmly on defending his title.

April saw the first Toughest race of the season, in the new venue of Amsterdam and was billed to provide a different racing experience to previous Toughest events - a lack of technical terrain and hills meant that this was going to be a seriously fast race. We caught up with Jon before the race to get his thoughts, check out what he had to say:

Amsterdam didn’t disappoint and after a lightning fast race, Jon took the win in 37 minutes after 8.5 km of racing. It then became an double win for team Albon, with Jon’s wife Henriette securing first place in the Women’s Elite race.

jon albon, OCR, obstacle, course, racing, Toughest, Henriette Albon, dryrobe

The Toughest tour then moved to Malmo, Sweden for the second event of their calendar. This is where the Toughest series started and is a special stop on the tour for this reason. 7000 entrants were scheduled to take part and with some of the best obstacle racers turning up to compete, Jon needed to be on top form to take the win - in the elite division just one mistake on an obstacle can cost you the race.

jon albon, OCR, obstacle, course, racing, Toughest, Malmo, dryrobe

Jon continued his winning run and stormed to victory in Malmo - his third win at this event now. With his incredible performances and the fact the he wins the races with quite considerable leads, Jon often gets asked how he makes it look so easy - he had this to say:

“I am pleased with my performance but still face questions of why it is apparently so easy for me…well it’s not, I am pushing everything I can in a race like this and have been preparing to do so for months. I am now in my 3rd year of competing in obstacle races full time and need all of this experience to be able to run a course like Malmo and come out on top against the other racers. I am working on trying to push boundaries to see how fast you can go in a race like this but  my competition is catching up quicker than I can improve. So far I am two for two this year in the Toughest series but it will take more hard work to keep this clean sheet.”

jon albon, OCR, obstacle, course, racing, Toughest, malmo, sweden

The next big event in Jon’s racing calendar was Europe’s Toughest Mudder. Up until this year the 24 hour event ‘Worlds Toughest Mudder’ has been the only competitive race in the Tough Mudder calendar, so this 8 hour event in Europe would be the first time the format had come to this side of the pond.

The format for the event was a 5 mile course, with competitors given 8 hours to complete as many laps as possible. The race would start at 12 at night and competitors faced the challenge of running over churned up muddy ground for the following 8 hours, whilst being continuously dunked into water and muddy ditches. A cash prize for 1st place and a bonus prize for completing 50 miles (10 laps of the course) provided a real incentive to the race.

jon albon, OCR, obstacle, course, racing, Tough Mudder

Continuing his unbelievable form this year, Jon ran an incredible race, pacing himself perfectly to take first place, plus completing the 50 miles for the bonus prize. That’s roughly two marathons in 8 hours with between 16-20 time and energy consuming obstacles per 5 mile lap - there’s a reason this man is a 3 times world champion.

jon albon, OCR, obstacle, course, racing, Tough Mudder

Next up in the race calendar for Jon is a Skyrace - a discipline of mountain running that takes place at altitudes of 2000m. Best of luck to Jon, we look forward to seeing how he gets on.

May 04, 2017

GoPro® - dryrobe® When brands just fit together, perfectly.

When we were approached by the GoPro UK team about putting together a full custom design, we knew it was one of the projects we couldn't wait to get started on. 

In fact we have a top 3, 'who we want to work with' list and GoPro were right there. (We have been fortunate enough to tick off two of the top three already!) Lets admit it, this was fun & super exciting to work on. Wherever there are outdoor extreme sports you always find GoPro. Such a perfect fit for our brand too. After all, any outdoor sport in the UK is #dryrobeterritory 

GoPro® - dryrobe® the perfect fit

The design took shape after some back and forth fine tuning and then we, excitedly placed the order for production. The chance came about to get delivery of some of the order in ahead of the Surfing England 2017 English National Surfing Championships at Perranporth, Cornwall, UK.

Surfing England - National Surf Championships

Surf was forecast to build over the weekend of the event and the weather was set to deteriorate along with the increasing swell. It was all set to be the perfect storm for the launch of the GoPro dryrobe, with some great waves and challenging weather conditions.

Red Bull - GoPro - dryrobe at Surfing England

We had a great response to the dryrobes and whatever the weather does we know that they are a great bit of kit for competitors, staff & spectators.

We got this comment from Elliot Harper at GoPro 

"The dryrobes look absolutely fantastic, work a dream and have become such an essential part of our event tool kit now. Not only are they perfect to loan out to participants at the different sports events, but they are also great for us staff when we have to deal with the terrible British elements on an event site."

We look forward to seeing these at GoPro sponsored events and on the back of some of the World's best athletes.

We liked them so much we bought the company! I mean.. we made a film about it. Check it out :)

GoPro | dryrobe - at the English National surf Championships from Dryrobe on Vimeo.

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