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"Very impressed. Highly recommended" - Carve Surfing magazine
"An essential companion"  - 220 triathlon Magazine
"A must have piece of kit" -  coachjoebeer.com
"Should be in every divers or outdoor enthusiasts kitbag" -  Sport Diver AWARD
'Best OCR Clothing' WINNER  -  Mudstacle


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Inspiration, volunteering and dryrobes

April 25, 2017

Here in North Devon we are immensely proud of our local community and love to hear about the incredible people who are part of it. There is a lot of good work being done in the area and we feel that this is something to really celebrate. We recently heard a story about local teenager Liv Bennett being named North Devon’s Most Inspiring Under 21 Year Old and we decided we had to find out more, so we sat down with Liv to catch up and talk surfing, volunteering and inspirations. First of all Liv, please tell us about being named North Devon’s Most Inspiring Under 21 year old, where was the award from and who decides? It was put... Continue Reading →

Freezing waves and surf legends in the Arctic Circle

March 28, 2017

Here at HQ we love to hear about the epic adventures and incredible locations where dryrobe can be found, it always amazes and inspires us to see people keeping warm all around the globe.  Recently we heard rumours of an epic surf session that happened north of the Arctic Circle, at Unstad in Norway, with none other than surfing legend Tom Carroll. So we did some hunting around and found some photos.  If anyone can be considered a great of the surf world, then this man certainly can. We found out that Carroll had come to Norway at the invitation of Tommy from Unstad Arctic Surf School, who we have been proud to supply with dryrobes after meeting them at ISPO... Continue Reading →