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dryrobe® The warmest, most advanced

change robe in the World.

The World's best changing robe. OCR | SWIM | SURF | TRIATHLON | DIVE | ROW | & OUTDOOR LIFESTYLE

dryrobe® The outdoor change robe.™ A weather-proof change robe. Get changed inside it!

Ideal for changing sports clothing or wetsuits outdoors. The dryrobe® has a waterproof & windproof exterior shell fabric & a lining that dries you & keeps you warm. The design allows plenty of room to pull your arms in through the sleeves & get changed inside it. You can get a wetsuit, swimsuit or tri suit, on or off, easily, while staying warm, dry & fully protected from the elements.  Other features include, soft lined external pockets, large internal storage pocket & MP3 player pocket. Our Unique chunky YKK® Zip front is an essential element providing fast, easy exit & entry which allows you to get in & out of the dryrobe® while you have all your kit on. This is simply not practical with the more traditional 'pull over the head' poncho design.

Cold-weather conditions present unique challenges. Preserve your energy & core temperature with full-body protection from the elements. Leave it on over your clothing or wetsuit & re-use multiple times throughout the day without the dryrobe ever feeling wet or cold.

Get dry, cover up & stay warm with dryrobe®

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"Very impressed. Highly recommended" - Carve Surfing magazine
"Soon to be an essential companion"  - 220 triathlon Magazine
"A must have piece of kit" -  coachjoebeer.com
"Should be in every divers or outdoor enthusiasts kitbag" -  Sport Diver
AWARD 'Best OCR Clothing' WINNER 2014 / 2015 -  Mudstacle



Latest news

Nuclear Rush

May 11, 2016

This weekend 8,000 people will take on Nuclear Races multi-award winning event Nuclear Rush hosted at the famous "Secret Nuclear Bunker" in Kelvedon Hatch, Essex. With 50 obstacles to complete over 12km of varied challenging terrain the participants are in for a real test and that's just the standard race! This weekend features Nuclear Rush, Nuclear Onslaught and for the mad/brave there's the 48km Nuclear Oblivion. There is also Nuclear Rookies for children. We are super excited to be there with the dryrobe tent supporting the event, it's gonna be an epic weekend!  Nuclear were the first OCR company to order their own custom colour way and branded dryrobes. The distinctive black and yellow with the Nuclear Races logo and hashtag are now... Continue Reading →

Have You Seen Olivier Morin's Photos?

May 10, 2016

French photographer Olivier Morin had a brush with fame a couple of years ago when he took a truly iconic photo of Usain Bolt running with a bolt of lightning behind him. But here at dryrobe, he's known for some quite different photographs. We're really proud to have had Olivier take some amazing photos of dryrobes; his style and ability to capture a feeling fit exactly with our ethic. As well as this, he's also been posting some fantastic shots of surfers lately.  Check out his Instagram feed to see just how great his photos are and you'll understand why we're so chuffed to have him taking our photos. Continue Reading →

Award Winning dryrobe!

May 10, 2016

We're delighted to hear that dryrobe has been voted as a Silver accessory in the UK in the Running Awards. What makes this award so special to us is that it's been voted for by runners themselves. dryrobe was set up by Gideon after his mother made him a sort of mobile change room from a combination of towelling and waterproof material, to allow him to change after surfing without freezing to death. The dryrobe itself has come a long way since that early-eighties present, but its purpose and our ethos are still the same. We're so delighted that runners have seen fit to vote us their second favourite accessory, out of all the varied running accessories available on the... Continue Reading →

A simple walk in the woods

May 06, 2016

So it's not all about extreme sports. It's common knowledge spending time outside is all good but its easy to forget just how much of a difference having some quiet time outdoors can make to the way we feel. We rarely talk to others about our feelings and it seems people have almost become afraid to spend time with their own thoughts, away from the constant distractions we make for ourselves. When we spend time outdoors we become aware of being alive which can lead us to confront thoughts of our own mortality. The feelings and experiences, as we know them, will stop one day. Is this fear simply too frightening to spend time with? The fear should be viewed for what it is. These are moments of clarity. They are precious. The fear shows... Continue Reading →

dryrobe at Toughest London

May 04, 2016

We were at Toughest OCR in London last month as official partners, and boy did we have a good time! The Toughest team really know how to throw a great event! As it happens, Toughest is an apt name for this event; this Facebook video from the Toughest page details the gruesome course at Pippingford Park. It was definitely not for the feint of heart! With races like this it's always amazing to see just how many competitors are willing to put themselves through such gruelling tests of their physical and mental strength and by the looks on finishers faces you could tell they'd been pushed hard. Toughest has built its reputation in Scandinavia for putting on some of the... Continue Reading →


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