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January 26, 2017

Dave Cornthwaite - SayYesMore, adventures and dryrobe.

Dave Cornthwaite

Last year our paths crossed with Dave Cornthwaite adventurer, author, motivational speaker and founder of SayYesMore. After receiving some great images of Dave in his dryrobe we wanted to get to know more about him and his adventures:

Have you always been interested in the adventure lifestyle or did you make a life change?

I had a totally addictive Playstation habit in my early twenties. Woke up in the morning on my 25th birthday and I looked at my cat who was asking me for breakfast, and just realised that she was going to have a much better day than I was. Then I thought “that’s ridiculous” and realised there was no way I can just carry on going into work doing something that I’m not very good at, or that I don’t really enjoy, for the rest of my life — it just didn’t really make sense. So ever since then I’ve had a mission to make my life better than my cat’s. I started doing new things, which starts with saying yes more often, and eventually I found myself a skateboard.

Two weeks after stepping onto that I quit my job and decided that I was going to try and get the world distance record on a skateboard. I went from John o’Groats to Land’s End and then crossed Australia — almost 4,000 miles — and after that I got a book deal and I’ve never really looked back! It's amazing what one, big, crucial decision can do to change the direction of your life forever.

Dave Cornthwaite SayYesMore

For someone who hasn't come across it before, what is SayYesMore?

For 10 years SayYesMore was a personal motto to make sure I didn’t just waste away. Every time we do something new we grow and develop and learn new skills, or even learn that we don’t need or want to do that thing again. I want to get to the last day of my life and know that I reached my potential because I couldn’t have spent my time better. So ‘Say Yes More’ is kind of about making the most of life, making it count, not letting opportunities pass us by — and not just living for decades just doing work because it pays — but getting out there and working out how we can be the best possible versions of ourselves.

In 2015 I had a project to try to turn my Facebook audience into real friends — so turning social media into a proper social connection. So I invited people camping. I told them to meet me under the clock at Liverpool Street station, and I said “we’ll go camping and you’ll be back in time for the next morning. You might be a bit smelly but you’ll have had a good night under the stars and have met some new friends”. 19 people turned up for that first camp-out and then the next week 25 people and then on and on. We had hundreds throughout the summer, and that community of people we called the YesTribe. They were the type of people that if you went to them and said, “Hey, I’m sick of my job, I want to quit and cycle around the world or set up a charity”— just something that’s a little out of the box— they’d say “that’s awesome! I’ll help you”. Suddenly things just started to happen because people were supported by folk with a positive mind-set.

We had a festival called Yestival at the end of summer in 2015 — to just celebrate this growing community — and that went down a storm. 200 people came so it was just a little festival but in the following year those 200 people collectively went out and raised three quarters of a million pounds for charity and travelled over 100,000 miles under their own steam. Each one of them sent out their own ripples and formed their own communities — now we’ve got over 3,000 people in the YesTribe and it’s growing fast. In October we had our second Yestival with 400 people. I think everybody wants to feel that they can enjoy life — that they wake up on a Monday morning and are actually excited to get out of bed — and, in all of these adventures, spend time with good people and spend more time outside. It’s amazing what can happen.

Yestival SayYesMore Dave Cornthwaite dryrobe

Yestival (pic by Jon Chater)

What draws you to adventure, particularly the most recent journey across Japan?

There's a wonderful quote which reads, "You will either experience the pain of discipline, or the pain of regret. The choice is yours." For me, this defines any aspect of our lives where there's an element of growth or hard work required to get somewhere, and I see a long-distance endurance adventure as the best teacher of all the basic disciplines needed to forge a really varied, successful life.

I adore that combination of 'bloody hell, this is grim, get me out of here' with 'I would take this moment, this toughness, over another minute in an office doing something just for money." I find challenges really fun, especially the tough bits, and there's nothing like carrying everything you need to survive, waking up in a tent or hammock every morning, feeling fit enough to keep on going no matter what, and living a story worth telling. I know what it's like on the other side; to be lazy and stuck and pasty and all of the examples that you see during a typical London commute (!) and adventure totally unlocked that for me.  

I have a project called Expedition1000 which is more of a life than career project. The idea is to do twenty-five different non-motorised journeys of at least 1000 miles in distance, each one using a different form of transport. So far I've covered over 20,000 miles across twelve journeys, including skateboarding across Australia, paddle boarding the Mississippi, swimming the lower Missouri and most recently, taking a kick scooter named Swifty around Japan. I don't plan, train or spend a lot of money, just get to the start line with the basic gear and start moving. Everything else turns our ok if you go into it with a positive attitude, and generally living adventurously with an 'I want to do this and it doesn't matter who says it's stupid or impossible' attitude gets me up in the morning.

Dave Cornthwaite SayYesMore

What would you say to someone who wants to make a change?

What the hell are you waiting for? If it's really something you want to do nothing will get in the way, and if you want some support drop into www.sayyesmore.com and join the YesTribe group on Facebook, then come along to some events. When you're surrounded by positive, supportive people, endless magic begins to happen. You have NO idea what you're capable of, and you'll never know unless you try. So get moving!

And finally what does dryrobe do for you, what do you use it for?

Well, I live on a boat and Winter is pretty chilly, so I'm sitting here right now in my Dryrobe. I'm also working out whether I can feasibly pack it for an upcoming adventure I'm leading in Iceland, but primarily my Dryrobe gets used every day. I leave my boat to go to the shower rather than drain my water tank every day, so Dryrobe is both protection from the elements and a really effective towel. I run an adventure and positivity festival called Yestival each October and wore it every morning as I wandered around in the freezing cold, checking in on everyone and everything, and if I had a tenner for everyone who said 'that looks AMAZING, it's so cool and warm!' I would be much richer than your average festival organiser! Haha! Sure, it comes to the beach with me now and then for surf and kite surf changing, but it's the first thing I reach for when I go outside. It's a down jacket-killer!Dave Cornthwaite dryrobe boat

Dave in his dryrobe taken by Reece Pickering

Online links
Facebook: www.facebook.com/davecornthwaite
Twitter and Instagram: @DaveCorn
January 19, 2017

dryrobe Iceland

You may have previously seen some footage of dryrobe being used in Iceland by pro surfer Taz Knight. When the opportunity to film dryrobe in the land of ice and fire came around again we did not hesitate to get involved.

We collaborated with the talented adventure and action filmmaker Ryan Lovejoy to create our latest dryrobe Iceland short film. As someone who uses dryrobe during his film expeditions before we even began working together, we knew that we had found the right person to capture what dryrobe is about. Having such a varied experience of portraying the world and a good knowledge of Iceland, this has come together and we are proud to share it with you.

#dryrobe #dryrobeterritory

January 01, 2017

dryrobe festivities

It’s a great time of the year with many getting to spend time with their families and away from their usual routines. We have been seeing loads of pictures of people with their new dryrobe Christmas presents, spending time outside and of some very courageous people going for festive swims. We have picked out some of our favourite posts to share from Christmas & we will be looking out for the New Year Swim pics too :)

dryrobe Christmas Swim

“Can't believe how amazing this weather is! Perfect for a winter dip. So glad I have my @dryrobe for afterwards though!!’’ @sarahrowssolo

dryrobe friends

“Naomi and sarah with just some of our amazing supporters and fish friends!’’@ptaswimmers

cold water swimming dryrobe

I'm so lucky to have swim spots like this!! 20mins at 6 degrees! I enjoyed every min! Even if there was a bit of swearing at the start! And we convinced Tom to go skins!! @neh_90

dryrobe festive swim

“Tow floats, Dry Robes and a degree of trepidation at Cromhall Quarry this morning. Warmer than last weekend's 2.5 degree shocker though.” @sonjajefferson

Team bear dryrobe

“Merry Christmas everyone....Team Bear ran our Christmas run 2016. 8 km along the Beach, and a lovely swim in cold sea..” @Jess Eric Bjørn Friis

nuclear dryrobe christmas

”Our boy is officially a dryrobe wearer Merry Christmas one and all xxx” @Matt Price

dryrobe 2016 sunset

“Was meant to go climbing…” @ndisaac1

Christmas dryrobe present

“Best #christmasgift this year!” @anneglass

dryrobe dad

“Got dad a @dryrobe for Christmas! Looks like he's one of the cool kids now! Perfect for all the outdoor activities he likes to do” @beast_m0de_activate

santa gets it right - dryrobe

“Looks like Santa got it right” @amandajayne30

happy Christmas dryrobe

“Best present ever! Ready for winter surfs with my bubby” @staygold92

dryrobe Christmas presents

“When your Christmas gifts are perfectly themed to your passion. Bike stand and #dryrobe...black and pink, obviously!” @charlie_triathlon

international dryrobe

“ #크리스마스이브#커플사진 #임랑해수욕장#서핑 #dryrobe #서핑하고우리오빠지금앓아누움🤒 #메리크리스마스는집에서🎄ㅋㅋㅋ” @l.k.h_christina

sixty plus dryrobe

“If you don't already know this lady, she is seriously awesome! One of many Alderney based authors. Check out her books on Amazon 'Work It Out in a Week' and 'Success at Sixty Plus'. She's also my favourite swimming buddy and the best cupcake baker! She has been a huge support as I prepare for my solo row around Britain, can't believe how lucky I am to have such great friends. Xxx” @sarahrowssolo

dryrobe christmas swims

@dryrobe #dryrobeterritory #christmaseve swim :) a cool 5.9degrees :) very enjoyable and fresh! A heron soaring above and a swan looking confused! A perfect river swim!” @neh_90

We spend a lot of time going through all of the posts we get tagged in, and it’s one of the highlights to see how much people enjoy using their dryrobes everyday. Please remember to tag us in your dryrobe uploads (#dryrobe) so we can keep seeing them and if you have a story you think is worth sharing please send it in via our facebook messenger or email eva@dryrobe.com
December 21, 2016

Rad Santa by dryrobe

No snow and no sleigh, but the sickest Santa you've seen yet. 

dryrobe santa surfer christmas  

dryrobe santa surfer christmas

dryrobe santa surfer christmas


Remember, a dryrobe is not just for Christmas.

Photos by Olivier Morin 

Warning: dryrobe should never be used when there is a risk of falling into water.


November 18, 2016

Black Friday / cyber Monday - dryrobe Opt Out #OptOutside

dryrobe Black Friday | cyber Monday Policy

dryrobe are opting out of Black Friday & cyber Monday. We are closing our office and giving the staff a paid day off on Friday the 25th November. We will be spending the day outside. The website will still be operational but we don't wish to be a part of the insanity.

dryrobe has always been about designing & building the best possible products and offering them at the best price we can. It is what we do. We have kept our prices largely unchanged for 4 years but post brexit, due to increased costs of materials and services we will be increasing our prices in the New year. We don't build our pricing on a model that has x amount of sale days 'built in', or produce 'sales' stock just for sale days and we dont have styles that go out of fashion. 

We make the World's best change robes & sell them at the best prices we can with the best customer service we can, all day, every day. It is that simple. 

It's not that strange a move, we aren't the only ones. Huge US Outdoor gear and apparel retailer, REI is going taking this approach for the second year. The Seattle-based retailer announced that it would close all 149 of its stores on both Thanksgiving and Black Friday. It would also pay all 12,287 employees to take the day off and spend it outside. 

We walk our own path and make our own decisions and we have to do things in a way that makes sense for us. The sales simply don't suit our business or the way we work. They don't fit in with what we are about or reinforce any ideal we aspire to promote.

We value our relationships with our customers, and our retailers and we like to keep things simple. We hope that Black Friday might just be transforming from a day of consumerism & excess, into a day of minimalism and appreciation of the great outdoors.

We would like to think others might understand & even join in #OptOutside

Time to leave you with a quote from Tony Robbins:

It's not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives, Its what we do consistently.  

#optOutside #dryrobeterritory

October 31, 2016

So what does veganism have to do with dryrobe? - World Vegan Day

World vegan day 

Yes November the 1st is World vegan day. So what does veganism have to do with dryrobe? To be honest we have never marketed ourself as a vegan company or pushed any agenda outside promoting an active outdoor life, but on a day like world vegan day, it’s a good time to take a minute to think about the way we live, and how we can all make more efficient and compassionate decisions in our everyday lives. 

The link between our interest in promoting the #dryrobeterritory 'healthy, active, outdoor lifestyle' & concern for our environment is obvious. Information about how meat and dairy consumption is affecting our environment and our future is impossible to ignore. Going meat free is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. World Vegan Day is a strong l reminder of just how far the movement as come, and in relatively short time the term vegan is only seventy years old. 

No other lifestyle choice has a more positive impact on the planet than choosing to stop eating animals and dairy products. Do what you can do, as well as you can do it, everyday.

outdoor healthy lifestyle - dryrobeterritory

So what are we doing? As dryrobe develops and grows, as a company, we are always actively promoting spending more time outdoors along with developing our products which make the experience better. At the same time we also try to minimise our impact on the planet by implementing continuous improvement to what we do & how we do it. We continue to educate ourselves & live the lifestyles we choose.

The dryrobe advance product is made from a nylon waterproof & windproof outer shell fabric and our lining is a completely synthetic lambswool. We have introduced greener plastic bags into our packaging, and are currently working towards changing our outer packaging from plastic bags to cardboard boxes, which hopefully will make it into the recycling after orders have been received. There’s always room for improvement and it's work that is ongoing and high on our agenda.

From the point of view of performance benefits of adopting a vegan lifestyle, we thought we would get some advice from a couple of our heroes. 

Tim Shieff

One of the best known and most successful athletes in freerunning and parkour, in 2009 he was the World Champion after winning the Barclaycard World Freerun Championship and in 2015 he entered Ninja Warrior UK and was the only person to complete the second course in the final. We asked Tim about what he thinks about his dryrobe and what training on a vegan diet is like.

"dryrobe has given me the confidence to attack my training sessions and races knowing that comfort is just beyond the finish line and that I won't have to go through wasted minutes of freezing once the session/race is over!

I would recommend vegan diet for anyone involved in racing as it's a more efficient fuel source for the body, keeps you light and strong and helps improve recovery also!"



Luke Tyburski

Another one of our heroes is Luke Tyburski, the ultimate endurance athlete who has just finished a world tour promoting his new film, documenting the ultimate triathlon. An epic 12-day, 2,000km journey from Morocco to Monaco. We got in touch with Luke to ask him on his thoughts about dryrobe and how he completed his journey from Morocco to Monaco on a vegan diet. Again we asked for a comment on how dryrobe helps with performance & what effect a plant based diet has on his performance & recovery.

"A dryrobe is one of those pieces of kit that you think you don’t need, or will even use all that often, until the day you to try it, then you’re hooked!

I started using my dryrobe to keep me warm and dry before the start of many ultra-marathon running races. Pre dawn up in the mountains can get quite cold, so having something that’s quick and simply to put on over my entire race kit is essential to stay comfortable, and start my races in a positive frame of mind.

I now use both (yes, somehow they multiplied) my dryrobes during my endurance adventures to keep me warm, as well as pre and post challenges that I put myself through. They have come in handy on more than one occasion as a blanket at random times as well.

When you use a dryrobe for the very first time, you’ll not only fall in love with this fantastic, versatile piece of kit, but never want to take it off!

During my 2000 km in 12 day Ultimate Triathlon from Morocco to Monaco, both myself and my crew ate primarily a Vegan diet. This way of eating not only fuelled my 16 hour days in the saddle or running, but also gave me the nutrients, and minerals that my body needed to recover, so I could wake up the next day feeling fresh, and ready to do it all over again."

Here's a link to Luke's film, definitely worth a watch

You might have guessed, this is an issue we are more than interested in and there is a wealth of information readily available. We have two recommended video's for your viewing pleasure, leave us a comment and tell us what you think. Yes they will take an hour or so of your time but you will hard pushed to spend your viewing time on anything more interesting or as important.

It really shouldn't be beyond expectation to live in a World where changes happen fast. 

October 10, 2016

dryrobe® -Best Family Travel Accessory nomination 2016

The leaders of the travel industry came together on the 4th of of October for the Family Traveller awards. Family Traveller is the "indispensable guide to anyone travelling with babies, children and teenagers, providing parents with a one-stop location to plan their family holidays". The awards tie in with Family Travellers mission to be the most trusted guide for family travel online, they featured a wide range of categories ranging from destinations to products, and with 18,000 votes from all of you it's really a people's choice.  


Family traveller awards 2016


We were all thrilled when we found out that dryrobe® had been nominated for an award. The homemade ‘thing’ founder Gideon Bright was given for christmas from his mother, is now one of the leading products in the family travel industry. Initially dryrobe® started on a list of 1600, it was exciting times at our HQ when the short lists of 309 came out with dryrobe being one of eight products in its category.


Family traveller awards 2016 dryrobe beach


So we did not win our category, but we are very proud. We hope to be involved next year, as it was an experience of its own to attend the event and we really enjoyed watching people win their categories. Congratulations to Bundlebean for winning and Jurni for getting runner up. For a full list of the winners of each category click on the link below



Family caravan dryrobe family traveller awards 2016


We will be exhibiting at the NEC Motorhome and Caravan Show this year for the first time. It's the only show where you’ll see all the new-for 2017 caravans and motorhomes trailer tents and accessories. People have always told us how great dryrobe is to take on camping trips. Anyone whose been camping knows the feeling of walking to the shower block in a flimsy towel, the freezing late night toilet trips and sometimes just needing an extra layer in bed. We are really excited to be there.

Check out our most recent review

"Took one out today at the Southampton Boat Show when out testing one of the boats, started raining when going from the dry robe stand to the change hut, stayed beautifully warm in the tender. Out to the boats and then straight back in, full shorty wheel suit change in the hut re-dressed and back to the stand, really lovely piece of kit, the sizes may seem baggy/puffed out/oversized in some of the photos but the temperature regulation is absolutely brilliant partially as a result of that size ratio to material density. Also delightfully present when wearing it but by no means heavy or cumbersome in any way. Worth the price. "- Arthur Dexter, Facebook


Friends motorhome dryrobe family traveller awards

September 23, 2016

Were they really wearing dryrobe at the Olympic Games?

Olympic Rio 2016 - Great Britain’s (almost) secret weapon - dryrobe

TEAM GB make an impression wearing dryrobe® #Rio2016

dryrobe Olympics Rio 2016

Who would have thought that dryrobe® would be official team kit at Rio Olympic games? How did this all come about and what is the adidas connection?

Well as we understand, the athletes already using dryrobe informed adidas® that this was the kit they needed. We have worked with many elite athletes in the past 6 years but it was still quite a surprise to get a phone call from the mighty adidas®. It was an exciting time with lots going on in the office but I remember when Sharon showed us the first email from them we did have to have a quick look to check that it wasn't a prank.

The chance to have Team GB athletes wearing dryrobes at #Rio2016 was the stuff of dreams and we worked for over a year towards making it happen, the whole time keeping our involvement hidden from the public & the other international teams. 

The advantage the athletes would get from using the dryrobes was key to the decision making around when we could announce our involvement. After the games was the call.

You might have noticed that there were some key differences with the dryrobes in use at the Olympic games, most noticeably where was our logo? Well it was there, big & bold but on the inside due to the televised sponsorship issues and the mega deal that adidas® have with the Olympic Games. The dryrobe performance was the same & the Olympic team dryrobes also featured the new zip off sleeve, which offers the short & long sleeve versatility, all in one.

We will have this new Zip-off sleeve Model in our classic dryrobe branding, available very soon on our website. Make sure you follow us on social media for updates.

Rio Olympics 2016 TeamGB dryrobe

dryrobe® were an official supplier of Team GB kit, working with adidas® to supply the diving, triathlon and swimming teams across both the Olympics and Paralympics. The weather-proof, outdoor change robe was spotted throughout the Games and was worn by an array of leading athletes.

 "dryrobe is one of those products you don't know you need until you put one on"

Probably one of the most notable exposures for dryrobe was Paralympian Ellie Robinson’s iconic entrance, before confidently winning gold in record time during the 50M Butterfly final. Her entrance in the dryrobe® attracted attention across social media, being described as ‘gangster’ by some - but her choice of clothing captured the imagination of the watching public.


The dryrobe was getting talked about by presenters who were discussing it's function and why the athletes were using the dryrobes. We were surprised to hear them being called dryrobes by name too. Obviously they had been getting some attention. 

"The dryrobe was born from necessity, now it’s now used by sporting stars in world events"

Gideon Bright, owner and creator of dryrobe®, said: “What an unbelievable Games! We are extremely proud of our association with Team GB at Rio games, their most successful yet and we are honoured that dryrobe® was chosen to supply the athletes, working in collaboration with adidas®, as an official supplier to the swimming, triathlon & diving teams Olympic & Paralympic teams.

“Since the development of the first ever dryrobe®, we have continued to develop a product that performs for athletes at the highest levels. Our performance technical kit has become well respected, and is used by some of the world’s best athletes. It is great to hear that the athletes were the people who instigated the talks which led to our collaboration with adidas for the Rio 2016 Team GB kit.”

dryrobe rio 2016 Olympic Games

dryrobe® Ltd have also worked with a selection of organisations who have embraced the dryrobe ‘stay warm’ philosophy such as British Para-Swimming and Diving, GBR Lifesaving Team, USA Lifesaving Team, Various Red Bull events, The Royal Lifesaving society, Sport Relief challenges & many other reputable sporting and endurance focused companies & events.

Media contact:  for media enquires, please contact Amy Paternoster on 01237 403764 or email amy@bluefrogmedia.co.uk

September 22, 2016

dryrobe kit of choice at Rescue 2016!

What a brilliant performance at Lifesaving 2016, with 3700 competitors there was fierce competition and some great results. This year the competitions took place in the city of Eindhoven and Noordwijk, Netherlands from the 1st to 18th September 2016.

A big congratulations to the Australian BMD Northcliffe team who won the tittle of World Champion Lifesavers in the interclub open, they did a fantastic job and finished well above the rest of the competitors. Last Saturday the South African Durban SLSC took the title of Interclub youth champions, and the total ranking of national teams was won by New Zealand. 

dryrobe® are proud kit suppliers to Team GB and Team USA  (USLA National Team) when they attended the lifesaving World Championships. Here is a link to the dryrobe advance which was used by team GB and USA. The dryrobe has become a very popular and almost essential piece of kit for the surf lifesaving community since they started being used back in 2011.

List of full results of the inter club open and the interclub youth teams



We are looking forward to Australia hosting the World Championships in 2018, as it has been officially handed over to them. If you have any pictures or stories from the event we'd love to see them, get in touch with us through email or tag us at #dryrobe 

 Here are some pictures of team GB and USA with their custom dryrobes

Lifesavers 2016 team GB dryrobe


Lifesavers Worldchampionship team usa dryrobe


Lifesaving team GB dryrobe



September 13, 2016

Jacob's Story

Its been incredible watching the performance of the Paralympic athletes at the Rio Olympics 2016. At dryrobe® we are all about making sports and pastimes more accessible for all, no matter what age, gender or physical and athletic ability. 

Here is an email we got, we thought we would share it with you.

Jacob is from Annapolis, Marlyand, USA., he lives with a mild form of cerebral palsey. His condition makes getting changed after a surf much more difficult, and he was looking for something to ease the struggle:

“I live in the US and was also looking for something which would dry the water off quickly. I was disappointed with products which looked like glorified coats but which weren't specifically manufactured with athletes and outdoor enthusiasts in mind. In my search efforts, I found www.dryrobeusa.com.

I was born with a mild form of cerebral palsy affecting the legs and balance and I use forearm crutches for long distances, but I still wanted this product. I don't let minor inconveniences weigh me down. I spoke with dryrobe’s USA Sales & Marketing Director at length clarifying my confusion and reassuring me, then I knew I had to have the robe. She was kind enough to get my order out ASAP so I could use it right away.

About the robe: the navy blue with gray lining was sent and it was very easy to put on and take off. Just as the instructions make clear simply slide the hands inside of the spacious robe and change clothes totally covered. I adjusted by tucking the back portion of the robe under my bottom sitting on it while I changed into my swim trunks. I was totally covered from the front, there was no fear of exposure. I know most of you will change back and forth the normal way, standing up, but even with this minor adjustment, I would highly recommend the dryrobe for recreational use, also. I plan on using my dryrobe at the beach soon. Thank you dryrobe USA for your help! It is much appreciated.” 

Jacob C., Annapolis, MD

Jacob dryrobe story


Great to hear that the dryrobe is being useful & really appreciate Jacob taking the time to tell us his story. 

If you have personal experience or know of anyone with a unique story, we would like to hear about it. you can send us an email or tag with #dryrobe




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