Battlefrog College Championship - Summer 2016 on ESPN - dryrobe

BattleFrog College Championship - America’s best collegiate obstacle course racing teams battle for ultimate bragging rights on a course designed by US Navy SEALs.  West Point returns to defend their title in this fast-paced, bracket-style competition where it’s win or go home.  Hosted by Ron Pitts with Amelia Boone and Rachel Demita
We only have some preview pics but cant wait to see the series..
Battlefrog college Championships - dryrobe
Competitors feeling the cold. Ditch the foil folks & feel the dryrobe warmth!
Battlefrog college Championships - dryrobe sponsor
The popular BattleFrog College Championship will return for a second season on prime time on ESPN. The show will once again feature 16 of America’s top college obstacle course racing teams going head-to-head to capture the coveted Trident Cup and a grand prize scholarship.
We supplied our dryrobe products to Battlefrog and from what we hear, it was a good move having them there.
" the last day of filming was freezing and dryrobes are being worn by the athletes & spectators"
 We are very excited to see this series which will air, prime time on  ESPN June 30th at 8PM ET. Tune in to see the start BattleFrog College Championship season 2