Care Instuctions

Just a note about the Dryrobes and how to care for them.

Dryrobes have been tested to their limits over the past few years & are standing up to more abuse than most waterproofs will withstand.
But here are a few pointers to help extend the life of your dryrobe.

The dryrobe does not need washing after every use. Unless of course it gets covered in mud! (Nod to the OCR, motocross & MTB crews)

It is a waterproof outer shell fabric & washing should be limited as much as possible really as the process could age the garment, as with any outdoor waterproof garment.
Unless you get it dirty & would prefer it clean, it will function just the same if simply dried at ROOM TEMPERATURE between uses.
In fact it works just the the same even if it is covered in mud & forgotten about & lives in the car boot between uses. ( tested too! )

Never expose the dryrobe to heat sources of any kind.
The 'magic' lining will not handle drying with a heat source as it could lose its warming and quick drying properties.

The branding has a recommended life expectancy of 30 washes. We do have branded dryrobes still being used at over two years old that still look as good as new!
Heat is the enemy of the branded dryrobes too. Never place near a heat source. Always hang or lay flat to dry.
The Dryrobe Advance is machine washable.
It will retain its waterproof properties and last & last too if guidelines are followed.


Wash your dryrobe inside out.
A gentle or delicate machine wash at MAX 30-40 degrees, Cold wash by hand is recommended if at all possible.
DO NOT hot wash. DO NOT Dry Clean or Iron.
IMPORTANT: use a non bio powder
DO NOT use a fabric conditioner.
After the spin cycle, hang or lay flat as it dries in room temp. Do NOT tumble dry!