Lexie Kelly

We are proud to have professional marathon swimmer and USA Swimming coach Lexie Kelly on Team dryrobe®.

Lexie is a former NCAA swimmer from Newport Beach, California. After finishing her pool career, she focused her attention on the open water - swimming in races around the world and competing on the FINA Grand Prix professional marathon swimming circuit.

As well as an international swim/fitness influencer, Lexie is also a USA Swimming coach teaching all levels; including age group, high school, and masters athletes.

Lexie Kelly
A small selection of organisations we are proud to supply and work with

£1 per every dryrobe® Advance, Towel dryrobe® and dryrobe® Dog products sold on dryrobe.com will be paid in support of the RNLI.

Neptune Steps is one of the most brutal swim events out there. Red Bull use custom event dryrobe® Advance changing robes in the UK and Sweden.

Proud supporter and sponsor of The Outdoor Swimming Society events.

dryrobe® partnered with adidas to supply Team GB kit for Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

British Para-Swimming athletes used dryrobe® Advances at the Commonwealth and Olympic Games.

We supply Chillswim with dryrobe® Advances for event staff and competitors.

Team GB surf lifesaving use dryrobe® as official team kit while competing at the highest level at National and international events. 

Worth every penny! Best for the committed outdoor adventurers.

Outdoor Swimming Society

The best possible bit of equipment you can have as an open water swimmer.

Professor Greg Whyte OBE, Sports Scientist

Most of the year I practically live in my dryrobe. If I know I’m going to get cold, knowing I’ll be able to wrap up warm afterwards is sometimes the one thing that gets me out there.

Cal Major. 2x SUP World Record Holder

dryrobe is an integral part of my routine and kit bag (and should be part of every open water swimmers too!)"

Keri-ann Payne, Olympic open water swimmer

It'll soon become an essential companion.

220 Triathlon