It looks like a dryrobe®, but is it?

There’s only one real dryrobe®. We are proud creators of the world’s first outdoor change robe and over time there have been many imitators and change robes (of varying quality) that have popped up and occasionally these get described as ‘dryrobes’.

We are flattered, but as harmless as this might seem, it’s actually causing our lawyers some grief and they are bothering us about this way too much. So we’d like to explain how to use our name and why it’s important.

The term dryrobe® is in fact a registered trademark, when you use dryrobe as a noun you diminish the importance of it. We need our customers to know when they buy a dryrobe they are getting the trusted performance of a genuine dryrobe® product. We’re relying on you to call it by its name.

Gideon Bright wearing first dryrobe®

Because we love the fine print.

Where did the term dryrobe® come from?

Gideon Bright developed the first weatherproof, front-zipping change robe, naming both the company and the product dryrobe®. The idea for the original dryrobe® came from a change robe his mum made for him when he was a teenager surfer growing up in Cornwall. Check out the heart-warming story behind this here.

So, how should I reference my dryrobe®?

When writing about your dryrobe® change robe, or any of our other products, please write it all lowercase and one word - dryrobe. We think it’s cool that way.

It’s not ‘Dry Robe’ or ‘Dryrobe’ and definitely never ‘dry rope’ (damn you autocorrect!)

OK, is it actually that important?

It really is, It can genuinely confuse customers who might think they’re buying a dryrobe® branded change robe, but end up with a *cough* inferior version. This gets really, really awkward for our customer service team when they have to explain that a faulty change robe someone is complaining about to us isn’t actually a dryrobe®.

How do I use the term dryrobe® properly?

dryrobe® is our brand name, so anything we produce can be referenced as a dryrobe® product. For example dryrobe® Advance, Towel dryrobe®, dryrobe® Change Mat, dryrobe® Outdoor All-weather Adventure Toaster (patent pending).

Another company’s changing robe is not a dryrobe®, it’s just a change robe, changing towel, surf poncho, beach towel thingy, or any other name - as long as it’s not dryrobe®.

Raindrops beading on waterproof dryrobe® Advance

What about #dryrobe on social media, can I use that still?

If you’re sharing photos of you and your friends and family having fun in your dryrobe® change robes we love it when you use #dryrobe or #dryrobeterritory. We always like, comment and share our favourites, in a not at all creepy.

If your posts don’t feature any dryrobe® products, but instead feature a different brand of change robe, please don’t use those hashtags. Why not tag in that brand instead? We’re sure they’d love it. Probably.

I hear you but still need some more clarification, who can I chat to about this?

We know this can be confusing. Anything you need to know about our products can be found out on our website. If you have any questions about this, drop us a message, we’re always happy to chat with our customers about trademarks, copyright law and anything else equally exciting.